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Non-Surgical Treatments


Smooth out any unwanted wrinkles and fine lines with a professional helping hand, and try out our botox in Aylesbury.

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Enhance your stunning features and increase volume by seeking the help of our professional team specialising in fillers in Aylesbury.

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Nose Fillers

Change the shape of your nose with our nose filler in Aylesbury, helping you to define your features without surgery.

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Lip Enhancement

Fill out your lips and give then a hint of volume to your liking with LasaDerm’s popular lip enhancement in Aylesbury.

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Non-Surgical Facelift

A non-surgical facelift in Aylesbury gives you the perfect opportunity to enhance your features and look youthful without going under the knife.

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Laser Hair Removal

Constantly removing your hair using wax methods or a razor can cause rashes to occur and discomfort of the skin; this can be even worse for those with skin conditions. Laser hair removal in Aylesbury allows you to remove any unwanted hair for smooth and glossy skin all year round without the negative side effects of shaving.


Reaching your back to remove hair can be a hard task to complete without a helping hand, and that’s where LasaDerm comes in. Our professional and experienced team can help you to remove all unwanted hair from not only your back but also your ears and hairline. Once your treatments have been finished, you can enjoy smooth skin with the occasional hair removal top-up.

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Having obvious hair in an unwanted location, such as your upper lip, can cause a lack of confidence for many women. Instead of wasting money on constantly shaving or waxing, why not consider laser hair removal? With just a few sessions, you can see noticeable results and a reduction in hair, allowing you to get your legs out without having to worry whether you remembered to shave them.

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Face Treatments

Various face treatments can help you to feel good in your own skin by making your skin glow and removing those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. With LasaDerm you can find the ideal treatment for your required outcome.

Thread Facelift

Our thread facelift in Aylesbury can help to soften the skin and bring a plump look to take years off your appearance.

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Face Thread Veins

Veins on the face can cause a lack of confidence, but can easily be removed through professional treatments for face thread veins in Aylesbury.

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Facial For Redness

Redness is most commonly caused by Rosacea, giving an almost acne appearance to the skin. Our facial for redness in Aylesbury can help reduce the appearance of redness.

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Fat Loss Treatment

LasaDerm has years of experience in providing clients with fat loss treatments in Aylesbury, helping them to achieve their perfect figure and feel confident in themselves. Whether you opt to melt or freeze your fat, our professionals can help you define your curves to improve your confidence.

Fat Melting

Most commonly known as liposuction, LasaDerm specialises in fat melting in Aylesbury, helping clients to achieve their dream figure.

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Fat Freezing

An alternative method to fat melting, fat freezing in Aylesbury can help you to remove excess fat and define your curves to boost your confidence.

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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair has a significant impact on the way that we feel and present ourselves and when we don’t feel confident in our appearance, we can struggle to present ourselves as radiant and youthful. For this reason, LasaDerm provides hair loss treatment in Aylesbury to help all clients boost their confidence with non-surgical treatments. Our professional technicians can help you to draw out the lines of your hair to perfect your treatment results, providing you with thicker and fuller hair.

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Hair Loss Treatment

Minor Surgery

Mole Removal

Non-cancerous moles are exceptionally easy to remove through a mole removal in Aylesbury. The treatment takes little time to complete, and you can hardly see a scar from where the mole was located once it has been removed. Mole removals are exceptionally ideal for those that have a mole in an uncomfortable area, such as the trouser line.

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Cyst Removal

Cysts, particularly those on the face, can cause embarrassment as well as discomfort. However, with a simple cyst removal in Aylesbury, you can get rid of those annoying, uncomfortable and unattractive cysts. Our professional team have years of experience in removal and are more than happy to discuss the various options available as well as how the procedure will be carried out.

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Why Choose LasaDerm?

Here at LasaDerm, we have many years of experience and have collectively provided professional treatments for a whole host of different client requirements. With our expert knowledge, we can tailor treatments to the final look that you are aiming for.

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"Thank you to the fantastic team at LasadDrm for never failing to provide me with the best treatments I have ever had. I regularly get botox and lip fillers, and I am always thrilled with my results, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

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