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Our Popular Treatments


A new natural purified protein that relaxes muscles that cause wrinkles, Botox® Bedford smooths and lift ageing skin.

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Like Botox®, fillers Bedford allow you to freeze the wrinkle-causing muscles in other places on your face, such as cheek, chin and much more.

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Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing can be bad for your skin as well as upsetting for men and women, simplify the process with laser hair removal Bedford.

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Moles & Cysts Removal

Over time moles and cysts can worse, moles & cysts removal Bedford can eliminate your imperfections using professional equipment.

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Our affordable rosacea treatment Bedford can help eliminate constant facial redness and flushing to help improve your self-esteem.

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Hair Loss Treatment

Our hair loss treatment Bedford uses blood cells to rejuvenate the scalp to achieve natural looking results with minimal pain.

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Face Thread Veins

We use state of the art laser equipment to achieve maximum results for our face thread veins Bedford treatments.

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3d Liposuction

Reduce excess fat and tighten your skin, the 3d liposuction Bedford does not involve surgery and is a highly successful medical procedure.

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Lip Fillers

For the perfect pout our lip fillers Bedford involves a safe and expertly carried out procedure to enhance lips and create a youthful appearance.

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Nose Job

Non-surgical nose job Bedford can straighten out and fill gaps and bumps within the nose area, great for those who have suffered a broken nose.

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Liquid Face Lift

A liquid face lift Bedford is used to lift and contour either the entire face, or certain parts such as brow bone and forehead.

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Why Choose LasaDerm?

Lasaderm provide only the best and sought after doctors to carry out our extensive range of procedures, with extensive expert knowledge we have been providing surgical as well as non-surgical procedures to clients for several years.

  • Affordable Prices.
  • Several years experience.
  • NHS doctors.
  • Clinical practice.
  • High success rate.
  • State of the art procedure equipment

Customer Testimonial

"After breaking my nose multiple times during my youth it’s had a really uneven shaping, I didn’t want surgery so opted for the new nose fillers, and they did wonders! I felt so comfortable in the surgery and knew that I was in the hands of somebody who knew exactly what they’re doing."

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