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Botox For Forehead Wrinkles & Fine Lines

As a natural purified protein, Botox has been expertly crafted to smooth wrinkles, fine lines and disguise the most common signs of ageing. At LasaDerm, we are proud to have built an exceptional reputation for our expertise in Botox and continue to build strong relationships with clients, who return to our clinic for their top-up appointments.

One of our most popular treatments is our Botox for forehead in Milton Keynes, which involves the product being injected into several points across the muscle along the forehead. In return, this temporarily blocks all of the chemical signals that cause the muscle to contract and relaxes the nerves, therefore preventing the skin from creasing. Throughout the time that your nerves are “asleep”, the skin has time to repair, smoothing away common forehead wrinkles such as frown lines and brow furrows. Many of our clients opt for combining their forehead Botox with a few injections around the eye area to remove crow’s feet, creating an overall more youthful appearance.

After your forehead Botox treatment, you should begin to see a difference in around three days, and by day ten, you would have achieved your full results. These results typically last between three and four months before a top-up appointment is due, which you can book with our friendly reception team!

Botox For Lips To Minimise Creases Around The Mouth

Another facial area where ageing signs are most prominent is around the mouth, whether this may be smile or “smoker’s” lines. If these are beginning to dampen your self-esteem, then we would highly recommend our Botox for lips in Milton Keynes. Our doctor will meticulously inject the Botox around the mouth to begin smoothing any fine lines, paying more attention to any areas with deeper creases.

For those who would like to plump their lips as well as reduce wrinkles, it is possible to combine your treatment with lip fillers; this is ideal for making thinning lips appear fuller and creating a more defined smile. Regardless of the route that you choose, you will always be booked in for a follow-up appointment two weeks after your first visit to review your results. If our doctor feels that any tweaks or top-ups are necessary, then this will be carried out during your follow-up session for no additional charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about what to expect when booking in for our Botox treatment through our FAQs below:

Yes, as a medical led clinic, safety remains at the forefront of all of our treatments. All products that we use have been thoroughly tested and approved by leading bodies. Botox, in particular, is known to have an excellent safety profile, able to be used not only for reducing signs of ageing but also to tackle excessive sweating and sometimes even to manage migraines.
Much like any other treatment, there are some instances whereby you will be unable to get Botox. This includes those that are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product, have a neuromuscular disorder or are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you arrive at your appointment and there is an injection on the area that is being treated, then you will also not be able to get Botox until this has cleared.
The side effects after having Botox are minimal and typically involve bruising on the areas that have been injected into. In some cases, you may experience a slight headache, but these generally do not last for any more than 24 hours.
After your Botox treatment, we will always provide you with aftercare advice on how to maximise your results. This will include some facial exercises which will be used to improve how the Botox affects the muscles. You will also be advised not to touch or massage the treatment area to prevent the Botox from moving.

Customer Feedback

"After researching so many different places to book in for Botox, I was so happy to come across LasaDerm who from the first phone call was so friendly and professional. During my consultation, the doctor shared so much knowledge which reassured my decision to go with them. The appointment itself was straightforward and far less uncomfortable than I expected. Thanks for being so fab, I look forward to booking in again soon!"