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Treatment For Hooded Eyelids

If hooded eyelids are an issue, then soft surgery using our PlexR technology provides you with outstanding results, making it the most popular treatment for hooded eyelids in Milton Keynes. PlexR is a fairly new and revolutionary device that allows you to banish hooded eyelids and crow’s feet. The device emits plasma to target the excess skin without affecting any deeper tissue, tightening the area for a lifting effect. This treatment is a fantastic non-surgical alternative to surgical blepharoplasty.

All hooded eyelid treatment using the PlexR device will be completed by our certified and highly experienced doctors, giving you the reassurance that you are in safe hands. During a consultation, you can discuss your preferred results, as well as the procedure and aftercare. Please feel free to take a look at our mainPlexR treatment page for baggy eyelids for further information.

The Benefits of PlexR Saggy Eyelid Treatments

Our PlexR saggy eyelid treatments in Milton Keynes are ideal for those looking to defeat skin laxity around the eyes. Not only can you improve the skin, but you can also take advantage of several other benefits to treatments with PlexR. When having this treatment at LasaDerm, you can enjoy the comfort of experienced hands, as all of our treatments are completed by professional and certified doctors.

Tightens Skin

Not only tightening hooded eyes, but PlexR can also tighten crow’s feet and fine lines for a more youthful appearance.

Natural Results

As the skin can be tightened to your preference, you can create natural results by smoothing out the skin.

Who Is Suitable For Droopy Eyelids Treatment?

Whether the issue is genetic or down to early signs of ageing, PlexR is a great solution as a droopy eyelids treatment in Milton Keynes. Hooded eyes caused by genetics often droop over the entire eyelid or on the side, causing what’s commonly known as ‘sad eyes’. PlexR can help to improve laxity on the eyelid to create a lifting effect, brightening the eyes.

For others, age can be the cause of drooping eyelids, often caused by the decline in collagen production. This makes PlexR a great solution for drooping eyes caused by ageing, as it can also help to smooth fine lines and crow’s feet for a complete transformation. If you are unsure whether this is suitable for you, please contact our team for a consultation, and we will be more than happy to advise on whether PlexR for eyelids in Milton Keynes is best for you.

Places Suitable For Smokers Line Treatment

Smokers lines are not necessarily only caused by smoking; however, it is the most common cause, hence the name. The puckering of the lips as you smoke, over time, causes wrinkles to form, much like you develop smile lines as you age. Although a good skincare routine will help to minimise the effects of smokers lines, many clients find that as they get older, smokers lines are harder to avoid, making our smokers line treatment in Milton Keynes the ideal solution. This treatment can be completed on the following areas

Upper Lip

Lower Lip

Philtrum (Between your nose and upper lip)


About Our Skin Treatments

There are many different skin imperfections and conditions which are tricky to manage or remove alone; sometimes a helping hand is in order. This is where our professional team at LasaDerm come into the equation – Each member of our team has been medically trained to ensure that all skin procedures are safe and the highest quality results are achieved.

During your consultation, you will discuss what procedure would be best suited to your requirements and a tailored treatment plan will be put in place. All treatments will result in rejuvenated, glowing skin, giving each client a new lease of life and boost in confidence.

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    Best Treatments For Smokers Lines Around The Mouth

    As well as our PlexR treatments, there are multiple other ways you can prevent the dreaded smokers lines. Here are some of the best treatments for smokers lines around the mouth in Milton Keynes:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please find additional information about our PlexR services below, and contact the team if you have any further questions.

    The length of the treatment will depend on the area being treated, but it will typically take between 30-45 minutes.
    A topical anaesthetic is applied to the treated area to minimise discomfort. You can expect to feel a warm/hot sensation with each pulse.
    Aftercare is minimal, and any scabs that form should be left to fall off naturally. The area may feel warm, and a cold pack can be applied to cool the area. Avoid any exposure to the sun as well as excessive exercise for 10 days.
    You can enjoy results from PlexR treatments to last up to 10 years.

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    "Really nice treatment and has had a very big effect. The doctors are also very nice and were really good at making something complicated sound very straightforward. I highly recommend LasaDerm!"

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