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Our Popular Treatments


Maintain a youthful, fresh look and smooth out any signs of ageing with our expert botox Towcester.

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If you are debating whether to get fillers Towcester, why not take a look at our expert dermal fillers?

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal Towcester can be used to maintain long-term smooth skin with a minimal pain procedure.

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Moles & Cysts Removal

Our mole and cyst removal Towcester starts at an affordable £100 without compromising on quality.

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Reduce redness of the skin and the appearance of veins to help minimise the signs of rosacea Towcester.

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Hair Loss Treatment

We use your body’s natural cells to achieve results in our hair loss treatment Towcester.

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Face Thread Veins

Advanced laser technology including a cooling tip is used for face thread vein Towcester.

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3d Liposuction

Our trained professionals offer both fat melting and fat freezing to achieve expert 3D liposuction Towcester.

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Lip Fillers

Enhance your natural lips to the specific size and shape that you require with our lip fillers Towcester.

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Nose Job

Our nose job Towcester is a great solution to even out nose issues or fix defects caused by a broken nose.

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Liquid Face Lift

Booking a liquid face lift Towcester can replenish not only the skin but also plump up more droopy areas.

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Why Choose LasaDerm?

We are a friendly team of professionals who focus on maintaining a welcoming atmosphere form the moment you step into our cosmetic clinic. We pride ourselves on using our main years of experience in the industry to perfect each and every one of our procedures.

  • Continued high success rate
  • Safety approved equipment
  • Tailored procedures
  • Support post treatment
  • Free consultation
  • Medically trained team

Customer Testimonial

"I want to say a huge thank you to the team at LasaDerm for the brilliant procedure I had with them. After years of trying to fix the issues caused by a broken nose playing rugby as a teenager, I was a nervous wreck about having any more procedures. They calmed my nerves they finally managed to even out my nose through their non-surgical fillers!"

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