When it comes to the subject of beauty, the greatest influences are those who are in the spotlight of fame. Hollywood is the hotspot for a whole host of new, crazy and unique beauty treatments and regimes guaranteed to give you that well-anticipated celebrity-like glow. The latest addition to the long list of Hollywood beauty secrets, ever-growing in popularity and quickly making its way around the world is the dermaroller.

Bringing Hollywood Beauty Secrets To The UK

The derma roller is the new craze of beauty treatment, continuously proving itself to live up to its award-winning reputation. It consists of a roller filled with rows of minuscule microneedles, around one-quarter of the size of a normal needle. The state of the art piece of equipment is rolled over the face in several different directions, breaking through the skin to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin.

So Why Are Celebrities Loving This Treatment?

The dermal layer of the skin holds all of your skin’s collagen, which when stimulated, naturally rejuvenates the skin. Undergoing a dermaroller treatment will encourage your skin to repair itself naturally, restoring elasticity and strength. It is a proven treatment to remove skin imperfections such as scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles.

Although at first the idea of a compilation of needles being rolled over your skin sounds unpleasant, the dermaroller, in fact, causes no damage to your skin aside from the initial tiny pinpricks. As opposed to other treatment such as a skin peel, no skin is removed, instead, it is repaired.

So, now on to the best part, what well-known celebrities are loving this treatment?

The Kardashians

The Kardashian family have never been shy about sharing their most favourite beauty secrets and have a huge following who will try out just about anything they recommend. Back in 2013, the world went crazy when Kim shared a photo of her online of what seemed to look like a blood-covered face, so what was the story behind the selfie? The Dermaroller! The treatment was even featured on the popular reality series, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. The dermaroller craze doesn’t just end there; it has been known that Kourtney Kardashian is also a keen fan of the popular treatment. She reveals that it is her biggest beauty secret and relies on it to maintain the glowing skin she is known for.

Kim Kardashian Dermaroller Treatment

Photo Credit to Livingly.

Jennifer Aniston

One of the biggest questions that come to mind when anyone sees a paparazzi snap of Jennifer Aniston is, how does she stay looking so young? Is it Botox? Fillers? A Facelift? The answer is, the Dermaroller! Jennifer claims that she swears by the treatment and it is the closest she will ever get to any type of cosmetic treatment. In an interview, Jennifer stated that she loves the dermaroller because “it allows the serums and whatever products you’re using to really soak in.” The treatment helps the skin to regenerate at a faster rate, which smooths out the appearance of wrinkles.

Jennifer Aniston Quote On Using A Dermaroller

Photo credit to the Aesara Organic Skincare website.

Angelina Jolie

Similarly to Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie is another celebrity who seems to hold the power of staying young no matter how many years go by. At the 2005 Cannes film festival, the superstars caused a stir turning up looking even more glowing and rejuvenated than ever and her secret was the dermaroller, she has continued to use it ever since!

Angelina Jolie

Photo credit to Hello Magazine.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is another A-list superstar who is a strong advocate for the dermaroller, claiming she has a dermaroller facial every few weeks, which helps her to stay surgery and filler free. She describes the treatment in a Daily Mail article as, ‘It’s non-invasive, but it’s quite painful, like having your face smacked with a rubber band that has an electric shock in it. But it works,’

Gwyneth Paltrow

Photo credit to AOL.com.

Would You Brave The Dermaroller?

The dermaroller treatment seems to have next to no drawbacks; anyone can have the facial and reparations begin immediately. If you wanted to get even more out of your treatment, take a look at this article on the best serums to use and ingredients to look out for to increase results.

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