Client Brief

Karina was in her late thirties when she visited LasaDerm. A mum of four, who was always on the go, she had very little time to exercise but looking after 4 children she felt was getting enough exercise. She had had a caesarean section after her last child and was left with a caesarean flap as she called it. She also had some stretch marks from the 4 pregnancies and was hoping that the Radio Frequency would help to tighten the loose skin. She was not going to have any more children and wanted to have her body back as best as she could. Her ultimate desire was to have a tummy tuck, but the cost of this procedure and the associated risks she felt were just too high.

Consultation Overview

At her consultation for 3D Lipo Body contouring, it was decided that Karina would have the recommended 8 sessions. This was to be a combination of 6 Cavitation (melting the fat) and Radio Frequency to tighten the loose skin and 2 Cryo Sessions (Freezing the fat) at week 2 and week 6.

The time allocated would be split appropriately between Cavitation and radiofrequency to produce a desirable outcome and was to be readjusted if required after the 4th session.

The 2 Cryo sessions were to be an hour long.

She was realistic in knowing that she was never going to have a perfect bikini body but wanted her lower stomach to look better both in terms of reducing the overhang and to make the stretch marks appear better by tightening the skin. She was aware that a surgical tummy tuck would probably produce better results but the enormous cost and risks associated outweighed her desire to undergo this procedure.

She had a fairly healthy diet, but her intake of fluid was something that needed to be addressed as 3D Lipo procedure required an intake of 1.5 litres of water per day in order to flush the fat out.

Treatment Overview

Before Lipo Cavitation, you should already be moderately active and eat a healthy diet. In the week before a treatment session, most doctors will recommend that patients drink about 1.5 litres of water daily and avoid alcohol. And it’s important to follow these recommendations as adequate fluids are needed to help your body process the excess fat and triglycerides that will be released as a result of the procedure. Too much alcohol will limit liver function needed to process these substances.

3D Lipo is not intended to treat obesity but works most effectively to remove unwanted fat from targeted areas of the body. Suitable patients for this procedure have to be fairly comfortable in their own skin with pockets of stubborn fat or minor concerns that they want a helping hand with.

The 3D Lipo procedure is a unique combination of
Cavitation (Fat Melting), Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) and then Radiofrequency, which is used to tighten any loose or saggy skin that may be left behind. It is a scientifically proven method and has quickly taken over as the premier, safe and effective alternative to having surgical liposuction. You can now have those fatty areas reduced and then have the skin tightened with radiofrequency if required without anaesthetic or any downtime.

3D Lipomed is the brand new ‘medical’ version of the popular 3D Lipo machine, offering a new and improved update of this powerful technology.

The medical version of the machine is available only at doctor led clinics such as LasaDerm.

During the procedure, Cavitation begins to break down the fat cells being targeted. This causes them to release triglycerides and other fatty substances that are a key component of the flabby tissue.

During the week after a Lipo Cavitation treatment, your body will process the excess triglycerides and fatty substances through normal physiological processes.

After treatment, you should continue to intake adequate amounts of water and avoid fatty foods to help your body process the excess triglycerides and fatty substances released during the procedure.

Before and After Photos

3D Lipo Before and After

Customer Feedback

I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I was. The end results really surpassed all my expectations. My baby pouch, as I called it, had reduced significantly and I no longer had that visible ugly bump when I wore trousers. The skin tightening was great for helping to make the stretch marks look so much better. I really wanted to get my body back to as normal as possible, and I knew that was going to be hard. The staff at LasaDerm helped to manage my expectations, but honestly, they are great. Their encouragement throughout the whole process is amazing.