NdYag Laser in Milton Keynes

Our NdYag laser in Milton Keynes is an excellent option for the removal of thread veins.

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What Is Our NdYag Laser Treatment?

Our NdYag laser treatment in Milton Keynes is used to treat thread veins on different parts of the body. Thread veins commonly occur on the face and legs. On the face it is often as a result of a condition known as rosacea.

NdYag Treatment To Treat Common Skin Concerns

Many of our clients opt for our NdYag treatment in Milton Keynes due to cosmetic concerns impacting their self-esteem. Thread veins, while harmless, are typically bright red, pink or purple in colour and may cause individuals to feel self-conscious.

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Our NdYag Laser Prices

NdYag Laser Thread Vein Treatment – Face/Legs Quoted during consultation depending on severity

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Incredible Results.

"After years of unsuccessfully trying out a range of home remedies to reduce the appearance of the many bright red thread veins on my legs, I received the NdYag laser treatment at the Lasaderm clinic and was shocked and thrilled by my results! Within just six treatments, all of the veins were gone without a trace, and I now feel far more confident wearing shorts out in public."