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Do you always appear tired no matter how much you care for your body? Our safety-approved dark under eye treatment in Milton Keynes is the perfect solution!

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What Causes Dark Under Eyes?

Dark circles and bags underneath the eye are incredibly common. For some, they appear simply due to tiredness, but for others, the cause is longer-term. Find out more about the most common causes below:

Genetics: Many are surprised to learn that dark circles can be hereditary, caused by poor blood circulation, thin skin under the eyes or pigmentation, to name a few.

Tiredness: The most common cause of dark circles is tiredness and fatigue, as lack of sleep causes the skin to become paler and fluid to build up under the eyes.

Age: With age, the skin becomes thinner due to a loss of collagen and elasticity, which means that dark blood vessels that have always been there are now more noticeable.

Allergies: Allergies such as hayfever not only cause itchy, red and puffy eyes but can also dilate your blood vessels making your under eyes appear darker.

Eye Strain: If you spend long periods of time on screens, such as your phone or a PC, you may find that your eyes become fatigued and the blood vessels become more noticeable.

Dehydration: Your skin needs an adequate daily water intake to stay plump. Without this, your skin becomes too close to the underlying bone and causes dark circles.

Sun Damage: Spending too much time exposed to the sun leads to more melanin production, causing pigmentation underneath the eyes and, therefore, dark circles.


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At LasaDerm, we recognise that dark under eyes can immensely impact confidence, especially if they fail to disappear even after plenty of sleep. That’s why we have introduced our specialist tear trough filler treatment designed to reduce hollow, sunken and dark under eyes.

Our dark circle treatment in Milton Keynes involves injecting hyaluronic acid filler carefully between the bone and muscle, instantly creating the appearance of a brighter, more awake eye area. The session takes as little as 20 minutes, and results can last up to two years!

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