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What Makes Our Hands Look Older?

As they say, you can always tell someone’s age from their hands. But what makes hands look older than other areas of the body? Here are the most common contributing factors:

Wrinkles: Collagen and elastin production naturally slows down with age and causes wrinkles. However, factors such as excessive UV exposure, repeated hand washing and use of cleaning products can also dry your skin out further, making wrinkles more noticeable.

Loose Skin: As mentioned above, you have less collagen and elastin as you grow older, leading to fat loss and soft tissue loss. This means that your skin no longer has recoil, creating the appearance of loose skin and making veins more noticeable.

Age Spots: The hands are the most common place for age spots to appear as they are consistently exposed to UV rays, which are proven to speed up melanin production. As the pigment cells become overactive, brown spots appear on the skin.

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Rejuvenate Your Hands Through Profhilo

As a liquid injectable moisturiser made from hyaluronic acid, Profhilo is designed to stimulate skin cell receptors and provides long-term hydration to the dermal cells. As a result, not only will the skin be capable of retaining more moisture, but laxity will also be restored, creating a smooth, youthful appearance.

Although you will notice a visible improvement after one session, the beauty of Profhilo is that it slowly releases hyaluronic acid. This starts to remodel the skin on the hands, lifting and tightening the tissue for lasting results.

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