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Laser Hair Removal in Milton Keynes

Say goodbye to shaving, waxing or threading and hello to smooth skin all year round with our laser hair removal in Milton Keynes.
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Laser Hair Removal For Silky, Smooth Skin

At LasaDerm, we use only medical-grade diode lasers, which have a greater success rate than the less effective devices used in salons. They effectively target the root to protect the surrounding skin and can be fine-tuned by our experienced clinical therapists to treat your skin and hair type safely. Regardless of whether you are treating the face, body or both, you can achieve exceptional results through our reputable laser hair removal in Milton Keynes.

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We Use Advanced Lumenis Lasers

Our lasers of choice are by Lumenis, a global leader in the world of innovative medical equipment. They use targeted bursts of light energy released to the problem area to target hair follicles, damage them and prevent regrowth.

Their Lightsheer Duet™, in particular, uses a slight vacuum to draw skin and hair into the handpiece to deliver energy more efficiently.

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Tailoring Sessions To Your Requirements

Before your treatment, our therapists who are trained in laser hair removal in Milton Keynes will always begin with a consultation to discuss your requirements. Every client is unique, which is why our treatment plans are bespoke.

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Laser Hair Removal For Women

Our laser hair removal for women in Milton Keynes remains the most popular and can be used to treat many areas of the face or body. Common areas include:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Chin
  • Underarm
  • Bikini line

Laser Hair Removal For Men

When booking our laser hair removal for men in Milton Keynes, it will be your choice whether to treat one area or several at once. Common areas include:

  • Beard
  • Earlobes
  • Neck
  • Full back
  • Chest
  • Abdomen

Our Laser Hair Removal Prices

Area Price
Upper Lip – Per session £30
Upper Lip – Course of 8 sessions £190
Chin – Per session £35
Chin – Course of 8 sessions £220
Upper Lip AND Chin – Per session £45
Upper Lip AND Chin – Course of 8 sessions £310
Half Legs – Per session £100
Full Legs – Per session £195
Half Legs – Course of 8 sessions £1,100
Bikini Line – Per session £60
Brazilian – Per session £70
Bikini Line – Course of 8 sessions £390
Brazilian – Per session £70
Brazilian – Course of 8 sessions £400
Underarm – Per session £50
Underarm – Course of 8 sessions £325
Area Price
Hollywood – Per session £80
Hollywood – Course of 8 sessions £475
Half Back – Per session £100
Half Back – Course of 8 sessions £650
Full Back – Course of 8 sessions £160
Full Back – Per session £800
Chest – Per session £100
Chest – Course of 8 sessions £650
Abdomen – Per session £650
Abdomen – Course of 8 sessions £650
Abdomen AND Chest – Per session £195
Abdomen AND Chest – Course of 8 sessions £1,100
Other Areas Quoted during consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

I Love The Results LasaDerm Have Given Me.

"I had some unwanted hair on my face that was quite intrusive. With constant plucking, waxing and hair removal creams, my face became sore and rashy. After completing my course of laser hair removal, my skin is incredibly soft. I have no hair regrowth and applying my make up has become fun again. I love the results LasaDerm have given me."