Profhilo in Milton Keynes

Designed to hydrate the skin, restore firmness and support the tissue, our Profhilo in Milton Keynes is ideal for those seeking a subtle, natural transformation.

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Achieve Natural Results With Our Profhilo Treatment

As a revolutionary new method of achieving a youthful appearance and natural glow, our Profhilo treatment in Milton Keynes acts as a liquid injectible moisturiser which hydrates deep into the layers. As a result, not only will the skin feel beautifully moisturised but also revitalised as the product will begin to remodel and rejuvenate the skin. This makes it a fantastic option for those hoping to reduce signs of ageing but who want a more subtle alternative to dermal fillers.

How Does The Profhilo Injection Work?

The Profhilo treatment is precisely injected under the skin by our skilled medical practitioners, who ensure that the hyaluronic acid product targets specific areas causing insecurities. Two treatments four weeks apart will be necessary to reach optimum results as the Profhilo takes time to diffuse inside the tissue. Top-up treatments will then be required every six months to maintain results.

Which Areas Can Our Profhilo Filler Treat?

The versatility of our Profhilo filler in Milton Keynes means that it is suitable for many different clients, ranging from those who want to target the first signs of ageing or others who simply feel as if their skin needs a boost. Before your treatment, you will always be booked in for a consultation to discuss your requirements and create a tailored treatment plan. The areas that Profhilo filler can treat include:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
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What To Expect During Your Session:

On the day of your appointment, you can expect the treatment to take around 30 minutes, and your LasaDerm doctor will always talk through each step to ensure you are comfortable. The procedure itself is not necessarily painful, but it will feel like a slight scratch on the skin. We recognise that for some clients, this may be daunting, so topical pain relief will always be available if needed.


Our Profhilo Prices

Treatments Price
Per session £290
Course of 3 sessions £800

Frequently Asked Questions

I Am Honestly Astonished By My Results

"I had initially booked a consultation with LasaDerm for dermal fillers, but after explaining the results I was hoping to achieve and the problems I was having with dry skin, they recommended the Profhilo treatment instead. The team were so professional and knowledgeable, so I completely trusted their advice and went ahead with Profhilo filler instead. I am honestly astonished by my results, my skin feels better than ever. It is so plump, my fine lines have vanished, and my overall skin is so healthy and glowy. Couldn’t recommend LasaDerm and the Profhilo treatment more!"