PlexR Eye Lift in Milton Keynes

Achieve dramatic results without the need for surgical blepharoplasty through our groundbreaking PlexR eye lift in Milton Keynes.

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PlexR Blepharoplasty For Hooded, Heavy Eyes

Whether it may be drooping of the eyelids or a heavy, tired appearance, loosening of the skin around the eyes remains one of the first signs of ageing. A popular solution involving absolutely no cutting or stitching is our PlexR blepharoplasty in Milton Keynes.

Offering a lifting, tightening effect on the skin, PlexR allows you to reduce excess eyelid skin and smooth wrinkles around the eyes, creating a brighter, more youthful appearance. It is entirely non-invasive and requires minimal downtime.


Our PlexR Eye Lift Can Successfully Treat:

  • Hooded Eyes
  • Sagging Skin
  • Under Eye Bags
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Eyelid Xanthelasma
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How Does Our PlexR Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty Work?

Our PlexR non-surgical blepharoplasty in Milton Keynes uses plasma technology to sublimate the excess skin. It delivers its energy only to the superficial skin cells without affecting deeper tissues, thus enabling the perfect elasticity of the eyelid movement immediately after the treatment. The result is an immediate reduction of the excess skin on the upper or lower eyelid, as well as the shrinking of the excess skin in the outer region around the eye.

The Perfect Non-Surgical Alternative To Blepharoplasty

We are proud to have been one of the first to pioneer this procedure in the UK, and we continue to achieve exceptional results time after time again. More reasons why PlexR non-surgical blepharoplasty is a sought-after treatment amongst our clients include:

Natural Results

Your eyes will receive a subtle yet noticeable lift without the unnatural stretched effect many are left with after surgical blepharoplasty.


Highly Effective

There will be an instant shrinkage of excess skin, along with a reduction in the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. 


Safety Approved

The accuracy of the PlexR technology used means that this is an incredibly low-risk procedure with no need to alter the eyelid muscles. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I Genuinely Feel Like A New Person

"I’m absolutely over the moon with the results of my PlexR treatment, and it’s all thanks to the lovely team at LasaDerm. They were brilliant at explaining the procedure to me (I was very nervous at first) and made me feel so at ease. My heavy, sleep-looking eyes are no more, I genuinely feel like a new person. If anyone is considering their treatment, I would 100% say go for it because you won’t regret it!"