Cyst Removal in Milton Keynes

Our GMC-registered doctors specialise in safe, effective cyst removal in Milton Keynes.

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Surgical Cyst Removal By Registered Doctors

With over a decade of experience, our reputable doctors provide surgical cyst removal in Milton Keynes at our purpose-built minor surgery suite. Your doctor will first diagnose your type of cyst (and ensure it is benign) before creating a tailored treatment plan. The most common cyst types we remove are:

  • Sebaceous cysts: Most common type of cyst, caused by a damaged hair follicle or blocked duct.
  • Epidermoid cysts: Also caused by a build-up of keratin under the skin, common on the face and neck.
  • Ganglion cysts: Generally appear on joints or tendons, can press on a nerve and become painful.
  • Pilar cysts: These grow slowly on the scalp and can lead to hair loss around the area.

When To Consider Cyst Removal Surgery

There are many reasons why our clients opt for our cyst removal surgery in Milton Keynes. These can be both health-related and aesthetic and include the following:

  • Your cyst impacts your confidence
  • Your cyst has grown bigger over time
  • Your cyst is causing discomfort
  • Your cyst has become infected (this is rare)
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What Is Involved In The Procedure?

Our cyst removal in Milton Keynes is a simple procedure that typically takes minimal time. Here is what you can expect:

  1. The area surrounding the cyst will be injected with a local anaesthetic, which will numb the area.
  2. Your doctor will use a scalpel to make a small cut in the skin, allowing the cyst to be carefully removed using forceps.
  3. The incision is stitched up, and the area is cleaned.

Our Cyst Removal Prices

Surgical Cyst Removal Starts from £595

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First-Class Treatment From Start To Finish

"Recently had a cyst/mole removed from my face. Had absolutely first-class treatment from start to finish. The process was quick, easy and outstanding! My doctor was fantastic, so funny and lovely, really put me at ease. The lovely ladies were also so supportive and friendly, treating me like a member of the family through every step of the journey. They are all so understanding and there to help, nothing is too much trouble! Highly recommended!"