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Droopy Eyelids Is Also Known As Ptosis

Do your eyes always look heavy and sleepy? Or do your upper eyelids droop and impair your vision? These are both caused by ptosis, the medical term for baggy eyelids. Although ptosis is not necessarily painful, it can not only cause vision problems but can also impact confidence, making it a commonly treated condition at our cosmetic clinic in Milton Keynes.

There Are Two Main Types Of Ptosis

Depending on the cause, ptosis can be present on just one or both of the eyelids. The causes of ptosis fall into one of the following two categories:

Congenital Ptosis
Congenital means present from birth or within the first few years and is hereditary. When referring to ptosis, it is typically caused by a defect in the muscle responsible for raising the eyelids.

Acquired Ptosis:
If ptosis has been acquired, it means it has occurred later in life, generally due to the muscles and nerves weakening with age. Acquired ptosis can also be caused by an injury or disease.

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Treat Ptosis Through Surgical Blepharoplasty

Our surgical blepharoplasty procedure is carried out by our in-house oculoplastic surgeon, Dr Sara Nunez Marquez, and is designed to lift sagging eyelids. It can not only rectify ptosis but also treat droopy lower eyelids, excess skin around the eyes and under-eye bags. Results are highly effective, and all stitches are concealed along your natural eyelid crease to make scars virtually undetectable.

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PlexR Offers A Non-Surgical Alternative

For our clients hoping to avoid going under the knife, we also offer the revolutionary PlexR treatment, which uses plasma to lift and tighten the eye area. With sessions lasting just 30 minutes, PlexR delivers targeted energy to the superficial skin cells to immediately boost elasticity and reduce excess skin on both the upper and lower eyelids.

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