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Looking For A Treatment For Dry Skin?

Are you finding that your skin looks dull and lacklustre? Does your complexion appear uneven? This is a sure indication that your skin is crying out for a little extra love and care.

Although dry skin and dehydrated skin come hand in hand, there are differences. While dry skin lacks natural oils, also known as sebum, dehydrated skin lacks water. This makes the signs of each slightly different; take a look at the most common ones below:

  • Dry Skin: Scaly skin, redness, white flakes and irritation.
  • Dehydrated Skin: Itchiness, dullness, shadows and under-eye circles.

At LasaDerm, we offer many revitalising facials packed with nutrients, helping you to find the perfect treatment for dry skin in Milton Keynes.


What Causes Dull, Dry & Dehydrated Skin?

There are many triggers, factors and underlying issues that may be causing your skin to lack radiance. Again, these causes will depend on the skin concern you are battling with.

Dry Skin Causes

  • Skin conditions (i.e. acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis)
  • A build-up of dead skin cells
  • Stress and lack of sleep
  • Free radicals (i.e. pollutants, sun exposure and tobacco smoke)

Dehydrated Skin Causes

  • Not drinking enough water
  • Drinking too much caffeine
  • Excessive sweating from exercise
  • Medication such as diuretic

Dehydrated & Dry Skin Facials To Get Your Glow Back

As a reputable skin clinic, we offer a number of popular dehydrated and dry skin facials in Milton Keynes to revitalise the skin. Your dedicated clinical therapist will always pair you with the best-suited facial to reach your skin goals.

Looking For A Treatment For Dry Skin?

Viscoderm is an injectable hyaluronic acid treatment designed to deeply hydrate the skin and boost elasticity for a plumper appearance, making it also ideal for anti-ageing.

PRP Skin Rejuvenation
Able to kickstart the skin’s natural healing process, PRP therapy uses Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) extracted from your blood to feed the skin with essential nutrients.

As a liquid injectable moisturiser, Profhilo hydrates deep into the layers of the skin. It not only begins to remodel the skin but also improves laxity for a subtle lift.

Ideal for exfoliating, detoxing and hydrating the skin using a single treatment, the HydraFacial prevents congested pores and offers an instant skin boost.

Skin Peels
Offering both IMAGE Skincare peels and The Perfect Peel, this treatment safely removes the upper layer of dead skin for a smoother, clearer and brighter complexion.

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At LasaDerm, we provide all of our clients with a bespoke treatment plan that involves not only facials but also skincare recommendations. We are proud to stock a vast range of products courtesy of IMAGE Skincare, which you can purchase from our skin clinic in Milton Keynes.

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"I visited Lasaderm for my very first HydraFacial. It was an incredible treatment – my skin felt cleansed, clean and detoxed. The results were excellent, leaving my skin feeling fresh for days. Thank you, Ailish, for making my first experience memorable. Would highly recommend Lasaderm!!!!"