PlexR Mole Removal in Milton Keynes

Say goodbye to unwanted lesions without the need for surgery with our no downtime PlexR mole removal in Milton Keynes. 

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Non-Surgical Mole Removal Using PlexR

With no need for cuts and stitches, our popular non-surgical mole removal in Milton Keynes runs zero risk of scarring. Instead, we use the innovative PlexR technology, which utilises focused plasma energy to vaporise the lesions. This allows multiple moles to be treated at once, whether they may be on the body or face. PlexR is even able to treat sensitive or difficult to reach areas such as the eyelids and lips!

What To Expect From Your Plasma Mole Removal

Our plasma mole removal in Milton Keynes follows the same process regardless of the size or number of lesions being treated. Here is what you can expect:


Your consultation will be with one of our doctors, who will assess the mole and determine whether PlexR is the best method of removal.


The treatment area is cleaned, and a small amount of local anaesthetic is given to make the process as comfortable as possible.


A hand-held PlexR device is used to “zap” the mole; this causes the skin fibres to contract and tighten. You will not be able to feel this.


PlexR Can Also Treat:

  • Papillomas (skin tags)
  • Seborrhoeic warts
  • Viral warts
  • Dermatofibromas

Our PlexR Mole Removal Prices

Treatments Price
PlexR Mole & Skin Tag Removal Starts from £350

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannot Tell There Were Ever Moles There

"I went to LasaDerm to remove two moles on the side of my face that I’d been conscious of for years. I always presumed that they could only be surgically removed (part of the reason I waited for so long), but my doctor explained PlexR to me, and I knew straight away this was the route I wanted to go down. The procedure was pain-free, and the scabbing afterwards was hardly noticeable. Now I’m fully healed, you genuinely cannot tell there were ever moles there, I can’t get over how effective this treatment is!"