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Remove moles, cysts and skin tags from the face and body with ease with our fully trained, experienced specialists.

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Feel Confident In The Skin You’re In

Although moles, cysts and skin tags are incredibly common, they can become frustrating and uncomfortable, not to mention their impact on self-esteem. They can catch on clothing, make it difficult to shave or lead to feeling the need to cover up.

At LasaDerm, our doctors, surgeons and clinical therapists are passionate about restoring confidence. We offer a range of effective lesion removal treatments that are safe and use the latest clinical equipment.


Moles, Cysts & Skin Tags: What’s The Difference?

As a medical-led clinic, your journey will always begin with a consultation to assess your lesion and determine the best-suited treatment. A different removal procedure will be used depending on whether you have a mole, cyst or skin tag. Here is how to distinguish the difference between each:

  • Mole:

    A mole appears when melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) grow in a group. They can range in shapes, sizes and colours, sometimes raised from the skin and, in other cases, flat. However, for most, a mole is brown, tan or black in colour, round in shape and less than 6mm in size.

  • Cyst:

    A cyst protrudes from the skin in a dome-shaped lump, typically the same colour as your natural tone but can be yellow or white. Cysts are caused by a build-up of keratin (protein) which embeds deep into the skin, creates a sac and fills with a thick paste.

  • Skin Tag:

    Caused when extra cells grow on the top layer of the skin, skin tags are soft, skin-coloured and can grow up to 5cm in size. They most commonly appear on areas of the body where the skin rubs against itself, such as the neck and armpits, but are totally harmless.

Plexr Mole Removal

We Use PlexR To Remove Moles & Skin Tags

PlexR is a non-surgical mole and skin tag removal method that involves no cuts, stitches or scarring. Instead, it uses plasma energy to vaporise the lesions, precisely targeting the mole or skin tag without damaging the surrounding skin.

It takes a matter of minutes to treat lesions using PlexR, and as there is no downtime, clients can continue their day as usual. The treatment area will simply scab over, which will fall off and reveal new skin underneath.

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Cysts & Lipomas Are Removed Via Excision

We use surgical excision when removing cysts and lipomas (fatty lumps that grow underneath the skin). These procedures are carried out in our purpose-built minor operation suite. The process involves numbing the treatment area using an injectable local anaesthetic before a cut is made in the skin to remove the cyst or lipoma. The incision is stitched up, and clients will then return to LasaDerm 5-10 days after their procedure to assess healing and remove the stitches.

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Get Started With A Consultation

During your consultation with one of our doctors, your lesions will be assessed to ensure they are benign and not harmful. Should your doctor have suspicions, they will advise you to contact a dermatologist. Only when our doctors are confident that the lesion is safe will they perform any treatment. Contact us today to book your FREE consultation.

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