Success Story: Cryotherapy On Solar Keratosis (Graphic Footage)

Cryotherapy On Solar Keratosis (Graphic Footage)

Our Client’s Story

WARNING: This success story includes graphic footage of Cryotherapy.

A client recently came to Lasaderm with large solar keratosis covering the back area. The client wanted the keratosis removed, describing them as large ‘dirty’ and unsightly lesions that were often itchy and got caught on clothing. For these very common reasons, along with their ability to grow larger and for more to appear, the client was extremely keen to have them removed safely with the Lasaderm team.

Client Consultation & Treatment Information

For this type of procedure, there are three different removal methods:

  • Cutting out – this can be invasive and leaves a scar
  • “Shave excision” – this can be successful, and there is a small chance of scaring, but recurrence is common
  • Cryotherapy – this involves freezing with liquid nitrogen and is non-invasive, quick, almost no risk of scarring and very low risk if any of recurrence.

The cryotherapy method was used for this client, as it provides exceptional results with little repercussions. There are also many other benefits to having this procedure, including its low risk, quick and easy method, no scarring and very cost-effective with no downtime. The procedure takes just a few minutes and is often described as a lunchtime procedure due to its quick removal.

After the procedure, you can expect a small blister over the treated area which clears within a few days, and once lesion falls off, it can leave a slightly paler area of skin where the lesion was. However, this will go back to its normal colour over a few weeks, leaving no trace of the lesion. This is a popular treatment as it requires almost no aftercare aside from not picking the blister and letting it recover by itself.

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