Success Story: Dermatofibromas Removal By Plexr (Graphic Footage)

Dermatofibromas Removal By Plexr (Graphic Footage)

WARNING: This success story includes graphic footage of dermatofibroma removal.

About Dermatofibromas

A dermatofibroma is a small and harmless growth that forms on the skin, and can appear anywhere, but is most commonly found on arms, lower legs and upper back. Dermatofibromas are most common amongst adults and can continue to grow as you age, and while it may not become painful, it can leave clients feeling self-conscious.

Removal of a dermatofibroma is completed through Plexr, providing the client with instant results while eliminating the likelihood of a scar. After the treatment, the patient can expect a small scab to form on the treated area. When the scab falls off, it will leave a slightly lighter or pink skin which will return back to it’s normal colour within 4-8 weeks, but it can take a little longer for some patients. Once the area has been treated, it is important for clients to make sure that it is well covered and is not exposed to the sun.

Client Consultation & Treatment Information

A client contacted LasaDerm with a dermatofibroma on the front of the neck. This was not painful but was in a location that the client found hard to cover, causing her to feel conscious. After a consultation, the client felt positive and well informed about the treatment that would be taking place, along with aftercare advice.

The removal of this dermatofibroma was complete by Dr Andrew Nnadi using local anaesthetic injected into the area around the lesion which stings for 5-10 seconds and then becomes numb. This means that the patient feels nothing during the treatment, ensuring that she feels comfortable at all times.

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