Success Story: Large Skin Tag Removal (Graphic Footage)

Large Skin Tag Removal (Graphic Footage)

Our Client’s Story

WARNING: This success story includes graphic footage of skin tag removal.

We were recently contacted by a client looking for removal of their large skin tag, often referred to as a papilloma. Although the skin tag was not causing any pain, the client was concerned as they were unsure about what it was and whether it was dangerous.

Client Consultation & Treatment Information

The client spoke with our specialist doctors to confirm that it was, in fact, a skin tag. It was concluded that the tag would need to be removed using a special scope called a dermatoscope, which is used to exclude any sinister features.

While this is not a serious procedure, the client had a lot of questions around the treatment, how it will be carried out and what to expect after. The doctor discussed every option to the client, along with what to expect from the treatment. This put the client at ease, and a treatment was booked in to remove the skin tag.

Aftercare Recommendations

Once the scabs fall off the skin, underneath is slightly lighter or pink in colour and returns back to normal skin colour over the next few weeks. This skin must be protected from sun exposure until it returns back to its normal colour.

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Skin Tag Removal Overview

Upon arrival, the client was informed once again about what the removal involved, making sure that they are fully aware of the procedure and how to care for the area once the treatment had been complete. We began by cleaning and preparing the area and applied local anaesthetic to the base of the area to make sure that there was no pain or discomfort.

A hyfrecator was used to remove the tag from the base. After the treatment, a small scab forms that should be left alone to fall off naturally within 2-6 days. Overall, the removal process takes around 5-6 minutes.

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Client Testimonial

Dr Merali was fantastic! I felt comfortable throughout the removal and felt that I was told everything I needed to know before the treatment began. I can not say thank you enough, it was so straightforward.

Sue16th October 2020

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