Success Story: PlexR® Lip Line Reduction

PlexR® Lip Line Reduction

Our Client’s Story

As one of the only cosmetic clinics in Milton Keynes providing the PlexR® smoker’s lines treatment, this option is hugely popular amongst clients who aim to reduce lines around the mouth. This wonderful success story featuring our client, Teresa, is the perfect example of how effective PlexR® truly is.

Teresa approached LasaDerm as she wanted to remove her top lip lines and found our reputable clinic to be the only one that specialised in this treatment style. She booked a consultation, two treatments and a follow-up session and has been over the moon with her experience.

Treatment Information

During her initial consultation, Teresa discussed her desired results with Dr Nnadi, who also explained the ins and outs of the procedure, the healing process and how many treatments would be necessary.

Each of Teresa’s sessions took only 45 minutes, and a local anaesthetic was used to keep discomfort at a minimum. After each session, she was recommended not to get the area wet, to avoid hot drinks, and only to begin using a moisturiser again after a few weeks.

As always, we arranged for Teresa to return to our clinic for a follow-up appointment to ensure that both she and Dr Nnadi were happy with the outcome.

If you are interested in our PlexR® smoker’s lines treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us to book a consultation at our skin clinic in Milton Keynes.

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“I’m very happy with my results”

“My treatment went a lot better than I expected. It took only around two weeks after each session for my skin to fully heal and there has been no scarring. Dr Nnadi even phoned me throughout the process to check on my wellbeing and how the healing process was going. Overall, I’m very happy with my results.”

TeresaFebruary 2023

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