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3D Liposuction Fat Freezing is a revolutionary, new way to banish stubborn pockets of fat that are proving tricky to lose through dieting and exercise. The process, also known as Cryolipolysis, involves technology that targets fat cells through controlled freezing, which eventually causes the freezing fat cells to die. The dead fat cells in your chosen area of the body will then be processed through the body naturally and then eventually disposed of.

Each body is different, which means that everyone reacts to weight loss differently, people gain pockets of fat in different areas. This is the primary reason why we provide a vast range of different areas in which we can successfully offer 3D Liposuction Fat Freezing treatments, all of which tailored to your needs. Fat Freezing can be used for areas of the body such as the back, thighs, stomach, underarms and many more. Book your free consultation today to discuss your chosen area and what we can offer you!

During a Cryo session, a moulded cup is fitted over the stomach, love handles, back fat or bingo wings for example; heavy duty suction pulls the pudge inside the cup where it’s chilled to -4 C. Some of the fat cells are destroyed and ultimately disposed off by the liver, a process that can take up to 3-4 months. A minimum of 25% reduction in fat cells that fit inside the cup is achieved.

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We understand that there are many different questions that you would like to ask before taking the step to booking in for our 3D Liposuction Fat Freezing procedure. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

The process is actually rather simple. The machine is used to essentially suck a portion of your skin, and the fat beneath it, into a moulded cup, which simultaneously cools both the skin and the fat to a temperature that is safe for the skin, but destroys the fat beneath it. 30% of the fat cells that are pulled into the mould are destroyed permanently and eliminated safely out of your system.

You will notice nothing at all initially. The process of fat reduction kicks in at around a month later BUT carries on working for up to 3 months after the session.

The procedure is a non-invasive method of reducing fat and therefore Cryolipolysis (or Cryo) has minimal side-effects. Cryolipolysis is relatively harmless with the most common side effects reported as being redness and swelling in the treated area. This is relatively short-lived lasting from a few hours to a few days.

It is not a weight loss procedure, but rather a method of spot reduction of fat in certain areas. As such, this fat freezing procedure is generally intended for those who are comfortable in their own skin but have specific bumps or bulges they’d like to get rid of.

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We pride ourselves on providing every client with the highest quality of treatments, which is why we love to share some of our many success stories with you before you book in with us.

The number of fat freezing sessions that you book depends on the outcome that you aspire to achieve. A noticeable difference can be seen in just one session, but if you are seeking more dramatic results, more treatments will be required. This can be thoroughly discussed, and the recommended number of booking can be arranged during your free consultation.
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Our Prices

ProcedurePrice Per TreatmentNo. of SessionsPrice Package
Fat Freezing Stomach, flanks,arms, thighs, man boobs, back fat£4001-22 treatments – £650 (Save £150)
Chin Fat Freezing£3001-22 Treatments – £500 (Save £100)

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  • Condition: Post-pregnancy abdomen pouch with some skin dimpling
  • Treatment: 3D Lipo - fat melting, fat freezing and skin tightening
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"My wife and I love to go on our beach holidays, but getting older meant that I had excess skin on my chest and around my lower back, which as much as I hated to admit it, was making me self-conscious while on holiday. I had heard a work colleague talk about having 3D Liposuction Fat Freezing in the past so thought I’d look into it. After a brilliant first consultation, I decided to go for it, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The team are faultless and made the procedure so easy and straightforward – would highly recommend!"