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Successfully treat ectropion with our specialist lower eyelid surgery in Milton Keynes by Dr Sara Nunez Marquez, our Oculoplastic Surgeon.

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Ectropion Repair With A Specialist Surgeon

Ectropion is a rarely serious yet uncomfortable condition impacting the eyes. It occurs when the lower eyelid begins to droop away from the eye before turning outwards. It can cause the affected eye to become red, irritated, gritty and sore, also making individuals more prone to infections such as conjunctivitis. With a specialist oculoplastic surgeon in-house, we provide ectropion repair in Milton Keynes to treat this condition.


What Are The Causes Of Ectropion?

There are many causes of ectropion, most of which develop over time as only rarely is the condition present from birth. Your surgeon will always assess the cause before beginning your lower eyelid surgery to ensure that it is safe to proceed. Typical causes include the following:

  • Weakened tissue and muscles due to age (this is the most common)
  • Problems with the nerves that control the eyelid (usually caused by Bell’s Palsy)
  • Damaged eyelid skin down to an injury, previous surgery, skin condition or burn
  • A lump, tumour or cyst that has grown on the eyelid

Specialist Surgical Eye Treatments

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Our Lower Eyelid Surgery Prices

Treatments Price
Blepharoplasty (Upper eyelid correction) £2,750

Ectropion Surgery FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions our clients ask when booking their ectropion surgery in Milton Keynes with our team:

It Could Not Have Gone Better

"I’ve just fully recovered from my lower eyelid surgery with LasaDerm, and I genuinely could not be happier with both my results and experience. I was very apprehensive, but Dr Marquez absolutely made me feel at ease, and I felt 100% safe in her capable hands. The procedure was quick and I healed very quickly, it could not have gone any better!"