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About Our Skin Treatments

There are many different skin imperfections and conditions which are tricky to manage or remove alone; sometimes a helping hand is in order. This is where our professional team at LasaDerm come into the equation – Each member of our team has been medically trained to ensure that all skin procedures are safe and the highest quality results are achieved.

During your consultation, you will discuss what procedure would be best suited to your requirements and a tailored treatment plan will be put in place. All treatments will result in rejuvenated, glowing skin, giving each client a new lease of life and boost in confidence.

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    Our Skin Treatments

    Due to their extensive knowledge, our experts are able to provide six different skin treatments to suit a broad range of skin issues and conditions. Take a look at our main areas of skin treatment expertise – we guarantee you will find one suited to you!

    Customer Testimonial

    "I had read many different articles online about the Dermaroller, so when I went for my treatment at LasaDerm I was sceptical as to whether I would really achieve the same results as the celebrities and I can honestly say that I did! My skin had never looked so healthy, everyone commented on how glowing I looked afterwards, and I’m so excited to go back and revisit the lovely team for another treatment, it is my new obsession!"