Are You Tired Of Looking Tired?

Under-eye circles are dark patches that are visible under the eye. Depending on the cause and skin tone, these can look like shadows or discolouration that’s red, blue or green in hue. Under-eye bags, on the other hand, are swollen pockets or patches under the eye. Both under-eye circles and bags can occur separately or alone. They may also be exasperated by the presence of a tear trough (this is a loss of fat tissue leading to a hollow, sunken area directly under the eye). The most common complaints people tend to have with under-eye circles, bags or tear trough deformities is that they give the appearance of tiredness.

  • There are some things we know for sure
  • No one gets enough sleep
  • The skin around the eyes is thin, sensitive and delicate
  • When we’re exhausted, the dark blood vessels show up more
  • Concealer is your life if you’re a woman

But What’s The Alternative?

The alternative is next-level eye-refreshing dermal filler treatments that plump out the sunken under eye hollow, which have a diffusing effect on dark circles, giving the appearance of bright refreshed eyes. So it’s no wonder that procedures to blur out bags are most definitely on the rise in the form of tear trough filler.

After years of research and clinical trials, Teoxane Laboratories in Geneva introduced a brand new product to the aesthetic medicine market, which was specifically developed to treat the difficult and sensitive area under the eyes. Redensity II is an injectable gel specifically adapted to treat the under-eye hollows, dark circles and tear trough. It is a fully transparent gel which attracts very little water resulting in minimal or no swelling after injection. The viscoelasticity is perfectly designed to coat the under-eye hollows safely and durably and assures an easily spreading and controlled positioning of the gel.

Tear Trough Treatment

Can Other Dermal Fillers Be Used To Treat Them?

Yes – but not as well, and not for as long. Other fillers are much more likely to migrate with time.

Whilst other clinics may use other products, at LasaDerm in Milton Keynes we have only ever used Teosyal Redensity I right from the start and moved onto Redensity II since its launch. This is because it is the ONLY aesthetic injectable product in the UK licensed for the treatment of tear troughs. In our professional experience, we have also found that since Redensity 2 uniquely contains a mixture of vitamins and antioxidants which help restore skin hydration, promote skin cell regeneration and even out skin tone, the results, whilst instant get better with time. This has meant that the results last longer than any other filler. Results usually last 12-18 months and in many cases much longer. It also breaks down gradually so it won’t suddenly disappear. It can, however, be dissolved using hyaluronidase enzyme if for some reason you dislike the result.

Eyes Before And After

Are There Any Side Effects To Using Teosyal Redensity II Filler?

Although Teosyl Redensity II is the only filler licensed in the UK for use in tear trough correction, it is only safe and effective when it is delivered in a clinical setting by qualified and experienced doctors. Like anywhere on the face, injections of any type of filler or product carries the general risk of bruising, infection, lumps, asymmetry or even scarring. These risks can be greatly reduced by using the correct technique, most appropriate filler for the area to be treated and injected by a skilled and experienced medical professional who is knowledgeable about the anatomy and physiology of the face. Incorrect placement of the filler can carry grave consequences. This is why it is always important to take your time when considering a treatment and ensure that you choose the right clinic and doctor.

Eye Treatment

Choosing The Right Clinic

Aesthetic and dermal filler treatments are not regulated in the UK, and hence you can find a large number of places where the practitioner may not be a doctor or even have any medical background or qualifications. As such, the cost of any aesthetic treatment can vary hugely reflecting this. We keep our prices competitive to make sure that you have the choice to quality branded and FDA approved products that are injected by qualified, professional, experienced and highly skilled doctors giving you peace of mind. Another place where providers cut costs is in the type of filler used so when considering treatment, check specifically what brand of filler they will use for the tear trough correction.

LasaDerm is an established clinic which is CQC registered (Care Quality Commission); this is an independent regulator for service providers in England that monitors whether standards are being met. If you are considering your options for a rejuvenated appearance, then the complex world of dermal fillers can be a bit of a maze to navigate. So it’s important that you do your research and feel confident. So, if you want to achieve an instant refreshed and less tired look with fillers in Milton Keynes, why not book in for a consultation?

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