Get Luscious Lips for Valentine’s Day!

Luscious Lips for Valentine’s Day

Forget the ordinary this Valentine’s. Get spoiled with luxurious lip filler to make their heart beat faster.

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February becomes all things LOVE, as Valentine’s Day approaches. So we thought we would focus on the feature which reveals your fabulous smile… your lips.

Our lips are very important; apart from their obvious and basic functions they also kiss our loved ones, assert our convictions and complete our look.

So if you need a quick pick me up for your fabulous Valentine Date then adding a little dermal filler will give you a quick and refreshed look.

Fillers, like Restylane and Juvederm, are ideal to plump up lips that have lost their sexy pucker.

If you are looking for a small enhancement, Restylane is ideal because it has a smaller molecular structure and will not give an overly plumped appearance. Juvederm is the same as Restylane but created to give a more fuller appearance. If you are looking for that very sexy pout than Juvederm is ideal.

Subtle enhancements are achieved with RESTYLANE or TEOSYL KISS DERMAL FILLER.

lip fillers before and after

More dramatic enhancements are achieved with JUVEDERM DERMAL FILLER.

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Generally speaking, we believe that less is more and that the overdone “trout pout” is not something that our Doctor will agree to in most cases. However, that being said, there are some lips and faces that can take a more enhanced look

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