Success Story: PlexR Face Mole Removal

PlexR Face Mole Removal

Our Client’s Story

Our lovely client, Janice, had been battling with moles on her face for as long as she could remember. Although they had always impacted her confidence, Janice admitted that she had never built the courage to have them removed until, one day, she felt it was time to take control.

Through researching online, Janice came across LasaDerm and, after discovering that we were a doctor-led clinic specialising in mole removal in Milton Keynes, decided to book a consultation.

Treatment Information

Dr Merali first checked that the moles were benign and not harmful before recommending PlexR as the best-suited removal treatment. Janice had not heard of PlexR before, so Dr Merali explained the procedure in detail, including aftercare. Satisfied with her treatment plan, Janice went ahead with her mole removal.

As there were many moles to treat in just one session, Dr Merali allowed plenty of time to carry out the removal efficiently, safely and precisely. Janice was advised that the moles would scab, but these would fall off naturally after 1-2 weeks. As with all of our clients, Janice was reminded that she was always welcome to call the clinic if she suspected any complications; she described our staff as “very welcoming and helpful”.

Six weeks after her treatment, Janice returned to our cosmetic clinic in Milton Keynes for her review. She explained that the lesions did scab, but most of these fell off within 1 week pain-free. We were over the moon to hear that Janice was thrilled with her results and now feels much more confident. She even said that she could hardly notice that the moles had been there in the first place!

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“It has changed my life completely”

“The treatment I had was wonderful and really quite painless for me, apart from the injections. I highly recommend this to anybody, it has changed my life completely. I’m so much more confident now and wish I’d had it done years ago!”

JaniceSeptember 2022

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