Success Story: PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Our Client’s Story

Hair loss and thinning are incredibly common amongst men and women of all ages yet can immensely impact self-esteem, as was the case for our recent client, Maytham. Maytham had started to notice hair thinning, and while it was not obvious to others, it was enough to affect his confidence.

After researching the popular PRP hair restoration online, Maytham came across LasaDerm. Having read through our fantastic reviews and discovering that we were a doctor-led clinic, Maytham booked a consultation with Dr Merali to learn more about our hair loss treatment in Milton Keynes.

Treatment Information

During the initial consultation, Dr Merali discussed the different options for hair loss before concluding that PRP would be most likely to achieve the results Maytham had in mind. Dr Merali ensured that there were no medical reasons that prevented Maytham from going ahead with the treatment before explaining what the treatment would entail, how many sessions were likely to be needed and what aftercare would involve. He also made Maytham aware that results take time, and it would take more than one session to make a difference.

Following the consultation, Maytham was confident that he had been given all the information needed to make an informed decision, so he went ahead and booked three sessions of our hair loss treatment in Milton Keynes, four weeks apart. After the second session, Maytham, along with his friends and family, had started to notice a change in his appearance.

As with all treatments, Dr Merali gave Maytham detailed aftercare advice to maximise results. As PRP is a non-surgical hair loss treatment, the aftercare was minimal, and Maytham just had to avoid washing his hair for 24 hours after each session. Dr Merali advised that the scalp would be slightly painful for the rest of the day, but in Maytham’s case, this was not enough to need painkillers, so he continued his day as usual.

Four weeks after the third treatment, Maytham revisited the LasaDerm clinic for a review and was thrilled with the results. Dr Merali showed Maytham the fantastic before and after photos showcasing how effective PRP therapy had been in improving his hair thinning.

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“I was treated with exceptional care”

“I was treated with exceptional care, and the treatment process was thoroughly explained to me before and during the treatments. I have recommended the clinic to family and friends who also have had similar experiences.”

MaythamAugust 2022

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