Success Story: PlexR Mole Removal On The Face

PlexR Mole Removal On The Face

Our Client’s Story

As we slowly return to normality and begin to socialise with friends and family again, we have found that our face treatments in Milton Keynes have become one of the most popular options amongst clients. Months in lockdown has encouraged clients to enquire about procedures that will help them to boost their confidence, ready for getting back out into the world.

Our most recent client contacted our clinic to discuss the options available for removing a mole on their face. The mole was slightly larger than the others and was raised from the skin, making it noticeable from all angles. We paired our client with our highly qualified in-house doctor, Dr Merali, for a consultation to determine the most effective option for removal.

Client Consultation & Treatment Information

During the consultation, Dr Merali assessed the mole and discussed our client’s situation before recommending our PlexR treatment, which uses plasma energy to vaporise the lesions. Our  PlexR mole removal in Milton Keynes involves no cuts or stitches yet offers instant results.

On the day of the procedure, Dr Merali started by injecting a local anaesthetic to numb the treatment area so that our client did not feel any pain or discomfort. Our specialist PlexR device was then used to precisely treat the mole without damaging the surrounding skin.

This treatment took only 15 minutes to complete, and our client was able to continue with their day without any downtime. Dr Merali advised them that over the next few days, they can expect the mole to scab over. The skin underneath would be pink or lighter in colour and this will start returning to normal.

Treatment Provided By Dr Shabbir Merali

Customer Testimonial

“All the staff and doctors at LasaDerm have been fantastic, so friendly and professional. Dr Merali took the time to explain the treatment to me and answered any questions I had, making me feel so comfortable. I didn’t feel a thing during the mole removal and I’m so pleased with the results, especially seeing as I thought I would have had to get it surgically removed. “

Serena HaworthJune 2021

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