Success Story: Haemangioma Removal By NdYag 1064 Laser

Haemangioma Removal By NdYag 1064 Laser

Our Client’s Story

Our client booked a consultation with LasaDerm to discuss the red, mole-like marks on their stomach and the different removal options available. While the marks were not necessarily painful or uncomfortable, our client was not keen on the appearance and felt they would feel more comfortable in the summer months and on holiday if they were removed.

Client Consultation & Treatment Information

During our client’s consultation, their LasaDerm specialist explained that the marks on their stomach were haemangiomas and not moles. Haemangiomas are a build-up of blood vessels that sit either on or under the skin’s surface. They are typically red in colour and, although they may look painful, rarely cause any discomfort. This means that just like our client, most opt for removing haemangiomas for cosmetic purposes only.

At LasaDerm, we have some of the most advanced machinery available at our clinic, used for our lesion and mole removal in Milton Keynes. On this occasion, we concluded that removal by NdYag 1064 Laser would be the best suitable option. This method allows several haemangiomas to be treated in one session in minimal time.

Before the laser is used to remove the haemangiomas, our client was given protective glasses, and then a gel was applied to the treatment area. The laser was pressed precisely against each haemangioma only without impacting the surrounding skin.

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Customer Testimonial

“I went to LasaDerm not too sure what to expect as I hadn’t had any treatments like this before, but I was really happy with my overall experience. The team were so knowledgeable, and straight away, I felt confident that they were the best clinic for me. The treatment was quick and painless, far more straightforward than I expected. “

Kieran FaulknerJune 2021

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