Success Story: Tear Trough Filler – Darylle, Love Island

Tear Trough Filler – Darylle, Love Island

Client Brief

Darylle Sargeant, from 2018’s Love Island, came to us back in July 2018 wanting to go through with our Tear Trough Filler Treatment. She had decided to go ahead with the treatment after years of feeling insecure about this aspect of her appearance. She was looking forward to seeing the difference that dermal filler under the eye that reduced dark, sunken, hollows could make.

About the Treatment

We used Dermal Filler Injections to treat the tear trough area. The dermal filler is placed carefully just in between the muscle and the bone, helping to achieve a less wrinkled and smoother appearance to the under eye area. Our doctors use a cannula method to provide an even and smooth finish, helping to avoid the chance of bruising. If you suffer from tired, sunken or hollow looking eyes, then investing in our tear trough filler is the ideal treatment for these problems.

Treatment Overview

The procedure was extremely quick and practically ‘painless’ according to Darylle. The entire treatment procedure generally lasts approximately 20 minutes and requires no downtime afterwards. Darylle was perfectly fine to carry on the rest of her day without being affected. She was over the moon with the results and fed-back to us that she looked ‘5 years younger’ because of it. Make sure to watch the video above to hear her thoughts and feedback on the treatment, and to view the entire process.

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