Success Story: Louise (Graphic Images)

Louise (Graphic Images)

Client Brief

Louise had what appeared to be a spot on her neck. She had tried to pick it at odd stages without much success. She grew concerned when it didn’t seem to go over several months, and she had noticed that it was also was growing in size. Whilst not painful she felt that it was starting to look unpleasant.

Consultation Overview

At the thorough and detailed consultation with the LasaDerm Doctor, it was confirmed that she had an Epidermoid Cyst which would need to be removed surgically. Confident that she knew what the results and procedure would entail she booked to have Cyst Removal.

Treatment Overview

The surgical excision of moles is carried out by our qualified and experienced doctor in a purpose-built minor operation suite.

Prior to the procedure taking place, a review of the mole removal is recapped and consent forms filled in.

An Epidermoid cyst is usually removed by injecting a local anaesthetic to numb the area completely. This process feels like a sharp stinging sensation that typically lasts 5-10 seconds. After this part of the procedure, patients feel no pain but can feel the doctor working on the area surrounding the cyst.

Epidermoid cysts are removed by making an incision around the cyst and removing its contents. Then, the whole cyst wall is separated from the surrounding tissue and removed. The incision is then sutured closed.

*(detailed images of procedure are shown below – please be aware of graphic content)

Patients may be requested to come back in for a review the following day. Stitches are then removed 5-10 days later.

Cost of Surgical Removal – £350 which is all inclusive of consultation, excision of the cyst, removal of stitches and all reviews.

Customer Feedback

I am so pleased that I had this removed. It was really starting to niggle at me, and I wish I hadn’t waited so long. It was also starting to bother my husband. I couldn’t believe just how big it was when I asked to see it after it had been removed and when I showed my husband he was equally shocked. I dread to think just how big it may have grown had I left it longer. I have been coming to the LasaDerm Clinic for a few years now and trust them. Dr Dewji is extremely professional and very good at what he does so I was very confident that I would get a good result. I am extremely pleased with the results as you really can’t see the scar at all.

Kelsey10th October 2018

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