Dark circles can be hard to cover and make you look worn out before the day has started. However, there are some treatments that can help you reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Finding the root of the problem is the first step to understanding what treatments will work best for you. The most common cause of dark circles is genetics; many hereditary conditions that run in the family eventually start to cause the appearance of darkness under the eyes. Another cause is excessive sun exposure without the use of UV protection, which over time causes pigmentation, increasing the likelihood of dark circles. Lastly, allergies and irritations can cause nasal congestion, which causes blood pools to form under your eyes, leaving you with dark circles and puffiness.

So, if you want to know how to reduce dark circles, you have come to the right place! To help you decide which treatments are best suited to you, we have devised a list of the top 6 proven resolutions.

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How to reduce dark circles effectively

The constant innovation of new treatments to solve everyday skin and body issues gives you a wide variety of choices to find which treatment suits you best. Everyone’s dark circles are individual meaning that some treatments are more or less effective than others.

Although some home remedies can help temporarily reduce the appearance of dark circles, the most effective solutions can be found in specialised treatments that target the issue. Here we have devised a list of treatments proven to reduce darkness under the eyes.

1. Chemical peels

A light chemical peel is the perfect facial to lighten dark pigmentation under the eyes. The procedure can last anywhere between thirty to ninety minutes and does not require any recovery time, making it easy to fit into your busy life schedule. Peels often include different chemicals which target different issues, so it is important to discuss chemical peels with a specialist before engaging in treatments.

The most common option is a Glycolic acid peel, which improves the rate of collagen production in your skin, reducing the appearance of dark circles. Glycolic acid is most suited for those that have dark circles as a result of sun damage, making this peel most effective when used alongside sun protection and rest.

If your dark circles are caused by ageing, then a retinoid acid peel is probably best for you. This peel reduces fine lines and wrinkles lifting the skin under your eyes and therefore reducing darkness and puffiness under the eye. To achieve this anti-ageing effect, the peel protects the skin with antioxidants while increasing collagen to thicken the skin under your eyes.

A chemical peel is an easy and relaxing way to treat your dark under eyes with little to no recovery time. If you are interested in enjoying one of our facials in Milton Keynes take a look at our range of services, such as the popular Geneo+ facial, and book an appointment with one of our specialists.


2. Dermal Fillers

The use of dermal fillers to remove dark circles is a relatively new concept but is incredibly effective. Fillers are used to treat dark tear-trough hollows, which commonly appear with age and cause the eyes to look tired. The tear-trough treatment only takes around twenty minutes, and results are instant, lasting for up top two years before a top-up is required.

During the procedure, a specialist hyaluronic acid dermal filler created specially to treat tear-troughs is placed under the eye between the bone and the muscle. The filler will help to smooth the skin and will dramatically reduce the look of ‘tired eyes’.

When opting for this particular procedure, you must ensure that you book in with a fully trained medical professional, never let an amateur inject dermal filler into your skin. If you’re interested in a tear-trough treatment and intrigued to know more, take a look at our past success story on a previous client including before and after photos!

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3. Retinol based products

Retinol helps to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, making it an essential ingredient for anti-ageing products and procedures. By increasing the volume of collagen in the skin, it helps to recover and rebuild skin firmness. But why is an anti-ageing ingredient good for reducing the appearance of dark circles? Well, with age your skin tends to become thinner making it more transparent. Due to retinols stimulant, the collagen under your eyes begins to thicken the skin reducing the visibility of pigmentation under the skin.

Retinol is also highly effective in fading skin discolouration, which is why it is commonly used in acne products as it helps to fade scarring and blemishes. Again, if the vitamin can fade scarring, then it will also be able to fade dark discolouration under the eyes.

Face Theory, The Ordinary and Kiehl’s are all leading skincare brands who sell affordable retinol-based products. If you would like faster results, then why not book an appointment?

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4. Dermaroller and Dermastamp microneedling

Similarly to LED light therapy, Dermaroller and Dermastamp Microneedling are relatively new treatments that tackle fine lines and are perfect for rejuvenating the face. This treatment tends to be cheaper than others, using a simple tool with small needles attached to create a controlled puncture that encourages your skin to produce collagen naturally. If you have sensitive or irritable skin, than this treatment will be safe and more comfortable than one that is based on chemicals.

Dermarolling works by creating micro-injuries that stimulate your body’s natural reaction to healing an injury, increasing collagen and cell turnover. The reason this reduces the appearance of dark circles is because the protein in collagen keeps skin contoured, plump and youthful. Although this procedure may not sound appealing, it is not as painful as it seems and is a perfect way to naturally reduce the appearance of darkness under the eyes.

This natural procedure helps your daily skincare products reach your deeper layers of skin, allowing for your skin to look and feel replenished all the way to the roots. Although dermarolling can be done at home, we would advise that you see a specialist in dermatology to guarantee the perfect result and treatments are done safely and comfortably.


5. Experiment with home remedies

If unnatural treatments are not for you, there are plenty of homemade remedies that can reduce the appearance of dark circles. Ranging from diet choices and lifestyle changes to homemade products, there is something for everyone. Unfortunately, unlike treatments specifically designed to target dark circles, home remedies will not entirely remove darkness. However, with a few changes, over time, darkness under the eyes will be visibly reduced.

Rose water is a very simple home remedy that is both gentle on the skin and smells lovely. Rose Water consists of many different soothing properties, which makes it perfect for easing the strain on the eyes. By making you more relaxed, you will find sleeping easier and therefore eliminating one cause of darkness under the eyes. This product can be found in a local drug store or can be easily made at home. The water is made from soaking rose petals in water, giving it a calming smell and light touch when place under the eyes. Rose water is well-known for lightening skin, so placing some under your eyes with a cotton pad can reduce darkness around the eyes. This simple home remedy can be easily added into your evening skincare routine.

Another remedy is placing cold tea bags over the eyes to sooth irritated eyes. Unlike rose water, tea bags tend to be an everyday essential in the household, making it easier for a quick home remedy. Cold tea bags, particularly green tea, shrinks the blood vessels which reduces puffiness. They also help to stimulate healthy blood circulation, tightening the skin and making the eyes seem more awake. While using tea to reduce the dark circles under your eyes, why not have a warm mug of chamomile tea to relieve any stress and anxiety that may be preventing you from a good nights sleep?

Similar to cold tea, sliced raw potatoes reduces swelling of the blood vessels and thinning of the skin. Although it may be an unusual remedy, raw potatoes are packed with vitamin C making it a strong antioxidant. Vitamin C also helps with wound healing and skin pigmentation by contributing to collagen production, making it a natural skin tightener.

Cucumber and tomatoes are also natural remedies for lightening skin and has mild astringent properties which rejuvenate dark circles. Add this easy home remedy to your morning routine by cutting a fresh cucumber and placing it over the eyes or cut a tomato and squeeze the juice onto a cotton pad, placing the pad under the eyes. The cold water from these fruits makes you feel fresh-eyed and reduces puffiness.

These home remedies are proven to reduce swollen and dark circles under the eyes over time. However, these remedies will not have an instant effect, nor will they prevent dark circles from returning. if you are looking for instant results, why not try one of our specialist skin treatments in Milton Keynes.

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6. Change your lifestyle

Changes to your health mentally and physically can also be a natural way of reducing the appearance of dark circles. Stress and anxiety can not only cause oil build-ups making you prone to skin outbreaks, but can also make it hard to relax and sleep. It is important to take time for yourself to relax and relieve tension, helping you to sleep easier and reduce those tired dark circles under your eyes. Take time to go outside, meditate or talk to someone, mental health is an important part of self-care.

Lastly, making changes to your diet can have a big impact on reducing dark circles. Unfortunately, many of our favourite foods are high in salt from savoury snacks to cured meats. Although they are tasty, high levels of sodium are found in salty foods, which is one of the main causes of water retention. Water retention means that your body is becoming dehydrated, leading to puffiness and swelling around the eyes. Both of which intensifies the appearance and draws more attention towards dark circles.

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Reduce dark circles quickly and effectively!

Similarly to most other skin imperfections, both cosmetic and natural solutions are available depending on what suits you best. Always do plenty of research before opting for trying out something new to ensure that it will not irritate your skin or make you unwell. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure solution, always book an initial consultation with a professional who can assess your situation and come to a decision.

We recommend that you try treatments that are specifically designed to reduce the appearance of darkness by professionals. Although home remedies are cheaper, the results are short term and not as effective. For a long-term solution, use a combination of cosmetic and natural treatments for visible results.

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