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Our lovely client, Taylor, came to LasaDerm to discuss options for managing her acne. She had been experiencing regular breakouts, which had not only resulted in scarring on her cheeks but also started to impact her self-confidence.

Taylor booked a consultation at our skin clinic in Milton Keynes and was paired with Dr Nnadi, who took a full history of her medical conditions and the history of her acne. She explained to Dr Nnadi that she had tried antibiotics and topical gels for her acne, but it had not controlled it.

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Dr Nnadi offered Taylor a few different options before concluding that a combination of IPL laser and microneedling would be the best option. After some discussion about the treatments and aftercare, Taylor agreed with the action plan.

Taylor had three sessions of IPL before being reviewed by Dr Nnadi. She was happy with the improved results and was advised to have a further three sessions, combined with free LED light treatments between her IPL sessions, to achieve maximum results.

Following a total of six sessions of IPL, Taylor had another review with Dr Nnadi, where it was agreed that she was ready for her microneedling treatments. For the best outcome, she had a total of six sessions of our microneedling in Milton Keynes, which can be appreciated in her before and after photos.

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“Easy, relatively pain-free and has vastly improved my confidence”

"Before starting the micro-needling treatment, I had been very self-conscious of my skin due to acne and scarring. The treatment was easy, relatively pain-free and has vastly improved my confidence. Thanks so much!"