Success Story: Lunchtime 10 Minute Nose Job

Lunchtime 10 Minute Nose Job

10 Minute Nose Job

For many of us, the focal point of our face is defined as the eyes, mouth or nose. And as we all know the shape of our nose can have a significant impact on our confidence. Until recently the only solution was to have surgery. This involves time in hospital, the risks associated with the general anaesthetic and time off work for the recovery. Not forgetting the anxiety of the end results and of course, the large amount of money involved.

In my time at the clinic as a Director, I have been amazed at the number of clients who are unhappy with the nose that they have inherited and even more surprised at the number who have had surgical nose jobs in the past and still not been entirely happy with them. So it’s no surprise that the non-surgical nose job done with dermal fillers has been one of our more popular and sought after treatments. Taking just 10 minutes and costing as little as £350 for results that last 10-15 months and in many cases longer.

The consultation is FREE with no obligation, with our fully qualified and experienced doctor which allows you the opportunity to explore and discuss realistic expectations on this procedure and alleviate any concerns or issues.

Non-surgical nose job – from £350
Non-surgical nose job and chin augmentation – from £500

Below are some successes with various concerns from clients who have been unhappy with their noses. These issues can be isolated problems or a combination bump or hook, crooked nose, asymmetrical nose or a flat or low bridge to mention but a few. In some cases, the chin has also been augmented to give appropriate facial ratio and to enhance the look.

Customer Feedback

I am so pleased that I had this removed. It was really starting to niggle at me, and I wish I hadn’t waited so long. It was also starting to bother my husband. I couldn’t believe just how big it was when I asked to see it after it had been removed and when I showed my husband he was equally shocked. I dread to think just how big it may have grown had I left it longer. I have been coming to the LasaDerm Clinic for a few years now and trust them. Dr Dewji is extremely professional and very good at what he does so I was very confident that I would get a good result. I am extremely pleased with the results as you really can’t see the scar at all.

Kelsey10th October 2018

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