Success Story: Martina


Client Brief

Martina was in her late 50’s and was looking for a new beginning. Having recently gone through a divorce she was in need of a well deserved ‘pick me up’ to make her feel better.

She was concerned by her drooping jowls, wanted to improve the appearance of her neck, jawline and chin and wanted to get back some of the youthful tightness in her cheeks. She had previously had dermal fillers at LasaDerm when her son was getting married a couple of years ago and was considering having dermal fillers done again as she had been pleased with the result. However, she had seen a live demonstration of a thread lift on the Late Show on television a few months previously and was intrigued to find out more. When she realised that the procedure was available at LasaDerm she booked in for consultation.


Consultation Overview

After a thorough discussion with the Doctor, Martina decided the PDO Face Thread Lift and the PDO Neck Thread Lift was the best procedure for her as it would provide the same natural effect that she had achieved with dermal filler, but that she would get better lift around her jowls, sagging jawline and droopy neck producing an overall better facial contour. She was thrilled that the results from a thread lift could also last far longer than with dermal filler and in many cases last as long as 3 years, she was also impressed that the cost was very reasonable.


Treatment Overview

A thread facelift is a safe and convenient alternative to traditional facelift surgery. Designed to be minimally invasive, it can reduce sagging around the cheeks, jawline, and neck with far less risk than conventional facelift surgery.

The LasaDerm PDO thread lift has a unique and patented line of sutures – a safe material used in surgery for more than 50 years so you can be confident that it is a safe procedure. The threads used during this facelift are designed to discreetly hold and reposition skin and facial tissue in place. The results are excellent producing a natural lift giving a refreshed look and better facial contouring with the added benefit of stimulating new collagen production for a long lasting result.

Prior to the procedure, it is recommended to take arnica 5 days before as this will help to avoid bruising and to avoid green tea, omega 3’s, oily fish, aspirin and non-steroidal medication (eg. Ibuprofen/Nurofen etc). This will be discussed with the doctor during your consultation

During the procedure, the doctor will mark where the threads are going to be placed and inject local anaesthetic around these sites. The threads themselves take 5-10 minutes to insert and this part of the procedure is painless with the patients only feeling slight tugging and pulling. Patients are able to talk and have a normal conversation through the procedure.

The procedure from start to finish with before and after images, marking of the thread placement, giving the local anaesthetic and insertion of the threads varies in time depending on what the patient is having done. The below is an estimate of the time required:

  • EYE THREAD LIFT – 20 minutes – from £400
  • NECK THREAD LIFT – 20-30 minutes – from £400
  • FACE THREAD LIFT – 40 minutes- From £700
  • FACE AND NECK COMBINED THREAD LIFT – 60 MINUTES from £800Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Kylie Minogue and Gwyneth Paltrow are just a few of the celebrities who are known to have had this procedure.

Customer Feedback

I’m so happy I had this done. Although I was a little anxious at the start I can honestly say the worst part of the procedure is when you have the local anaesthetic injected. This is uncomfortable for a few minutes and feels very similar to the anaesthetic that the dentist gives. The actual part where the threads are inserted is painless and relatively quick. I can finally forget about my jowls and saggy neck and enjoy my new life. I feel more confident and am really looking forward to going away on holiday with my sister knowing that I look my best.

Martina1st June 2018

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