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Our recent client, a lovely woman named Susan had been feeling self-conscious about some bulging varicose veins in her right leg for some time, it was starting to affect her confidence, and she found herself always covering up her legs. In search of a solution, she booked a consultation with one of the talented doctors at our skin clinic in Milton Keynes to discuss her options.

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During the consultation, a thorough medical history was taken, including any past vein treatments. Our doctor assessed Susan’s varicose vein and discussed the different treatment options available for her, along with the expected outcomes, timings, risks and benefits of each one. After careful consideration, they decided that 2 sessions of foam sclerotherapy would be the best route for maximum results, but they would need to see the response of her leg to the treatment before knowing for sure. In the run-up to the appointment, Susan made use of her doctor’s email, asking lots of questions until she felt comfortable enough to proceed.

Our highly skilled doctor injected a foam solution into the varicose vein (this causes the vein to collapse and be naturally removed by the body over time). After the treatment, Susan received detailed aftercare instructions on maximising her results and slowing down the chance of any recurrences due to the chronic nature of vein disease – this included wearing compression bandages and avoiding strenuous exercise for 3-5 days.

Susan came back just over a month later for our doctor to assess the outcome and was thrilled with the results of her treatment. Her varicose vein has completely gone, and due to the outstanding results, a mutual decision was made that a second treatment would not be necessary – and Susan can finally enjoy wearing shorts and skirts with confidence!

Varicose veins can be a significant source of discomfort and self-consciousness for many individuals. However, there are several effective treatment options available to address this issue. By consulting with our team of experienced doctors, Susan was able to find the best treatment option for her needs and achieve excellent results. If you’re struggling with varicose veins, don’t hesitate to book a consultation at our cosmetic clinic in Milton Keynes to discuss your options, or contact us today.

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“I’m very happy with my results”

" I had a varicose vein in one lower leg that I had gradually become self-conscious about. I became uncomfortable showing my legs when I was wearing shorts, dresses and skirts. I had foam sclerotherapy treatment and followed the advice given. I am very pleased with the aesthetic result, and I now feel comfortable to wear what I want and show my legs."