Entropion Surgery in Milton Keynes

Our specialist oculoplastic surgeon, Dr Sara Nunez Marquez carries out our entropion surgery in Milton Keynes at our medical-led clinic to treat those suffering from this rare condition.

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Entropion Treatment By Specialist Surgeons

We deliver our entropion treatment in Milton Keynes to patients with the medical condition entropion, where the eyelid folds and turns inwards, causing the skin and eyelashes to rub against and irritate the eye’s surface. This may occur only when you blink and shut your eyes or may be consistent throughout the day. Causes of entropion include ageing, as well as scar tissue on the inside of the lid due to trauma or previous surgeries.

Why Opt For Entropion Eye Surgery?

Once entropion occurs, you may be able to seek some relief from the discomfort caused by the condition by using lubricating ointments. However, the only way to fully correct entropion is to undergo surgery.

Without surgery, the condition can damage the cornea and has the potential to result in infections and loss of vision. Our entropion eye surgery in Milton Keynes is carried out by our fully qualified and highly experienced oculoplastic surgeon, who frequently treats conditions of the eye such as entropion.

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How Is Our Entropion Surgery Carried Out?

The method our oculoplastic surgeon uses to correct your entropion will depend on the root cause. If your entropion is caused by ageing, an incision will be made beneath your eyelid, and a small strip of skin will be removed. The edges will be brought together with small stitches, pulling the lid away from the eye and unfolding it.

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Immediate Relief

"I developed entropion due to scar tissue on the inside of my eyelid from a previous surgery and found myself in constant pain and discomfort. I am so glad that I came across Lasaderm, who put my nerves at ease right from my initial consultation. The surgery was a quick, painless process and provided me with immediate relief from my condition."