Trichiasis Treatments in Milton Keynes

With an oculoplastic surgeon in-house, we provide a range of trichiasis treatments in Milton Keynes to rectify inward-growing eyelashes.

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Trichiasis Forces The Eyelashes To Grow Inwards

As a common eyelid problem, trichiasis occurs when the eyelashes are misdirected and begin growing inwards towards the eye. It causes the eye to become red, irritated and sensitive, making it feel as if there is always something in it. If treated early, trichiasis does not cause lasting harm; however, if the condition is neglected, the condition can scar the cornea, impact vision and cause permanent ocular discomfort.


What Are The Causes Of Trichiasis?

In most cases, trichiasis occurs later in life and can have many different causes. The most common are the following:

  • Scar tissue from an injury or surgery that causes the eyelashes to grow in the wrong direction
  • Inflammation due to a bacterial/viral infection, burns, autoimmune diseases or conditions such as blepharitis
  • Simply hereditary and has been passed down through the family

Our Specialist Ingrowing Eyelash Treatment

In selected cases of misdirected lashes or when more conservative treatments have not been effective, different surgical procedures can be carried out to correct the position of the eyelid/eyelashes or to permanently eliminate the abnormal eyelashes. These is carried out by our specialist oculoplastic surgeon, Dr Sara Nunez Marquez. Dr Marquez has extensive experience in the field and will ensure a safe, effective course of treatment.

    • Forceps

      The most common treatment for trichiasis is removal via small surgical forceps. A slit lamp will be used to see the affected eyelashes up close before they are carefully plucked out.

    • Electrolysis

      As a long-term solution, electrolysis uses a high-frequency current to target the hair follicles and destroy them. This treatment will have to be repeated several times for maximum results.

    • Cryoablation

      Cryoablation uses extreme cold to destroy the tissue that is causing the eyelashes to grow inwards, meaning it is best suited to those who have extensive areas of trichiasis.

    • Surgery

      In extreme cases of trichiasis, where virtually all of the eyelashes are misdirected, surgery can be used to rotate the eyelid to its normal alignment before it is stitched in place.

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