Direct Brow Lift in Milton Keynes

Our direct brow lift in Milton Keynes achieves a younger, more rejuvenated appearance by repositioning the eyebrows.

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Direct Eyebrow Lift To Refresh Your Appearance

If you are experiencing brow ptosis or deep brow furrows, then our direct eyebrow lift in Milton Keynes may be the ideal solution. Designed to enhance and precisely lift the brow and eyes, a direct eyebrow lift dramatically improves the appearance of a heavy-looking eye area.


What Does The Procedure Involve?

A direct brow lift is different from a cosmetic brow lift procedure. Instead of incisions being made along the hairline, they are made on the forehead just along the eyebrow line. This allows excess skin to be removed and the underlying muscle to be altered. As a result, not only will a more youthful appearance be achieved, but the procedure will also allow for a greater field of vision.

A Direct Brow Lift Is Ideal For Treating:

The most popular reasons for opting for our direct brow eyebrow lift in Milton Keynes include:

Tired-Looking Eyes

Brows that have started to sag or droop can create a tired, aged appearance. Through our direct brow lift in Milton Keynes, the eye area is exposed, helping to make the client look more refreshed.


Deep Forehead Lines

As this procedure tones, tightens and smooths the forehead, it is an effective method of reducing deep wrinkles and creases, helping to permanently combat common signs of ageing.



Our Direct Brow Lift Prices

Area Price
Browlift Starts from £500

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LasaDerm Was Wonderful From Start To Finish

"“I’m absolutely thrilled with my results from my brow lift! My eyes look so much brighter and lifted, I’ve had so many compliments on how youthful I’m looking. LasaDerm was wonderful from start to finish, gave me so much advice and made the overall process so smooth."