Success Story: Sunny


Client Brief

Sunny, a solicitor in her mid-twenties visited LasaDerm in January 2017, suffering from cystic and pustular acne. While not only painful, it had left her lacking confidence, especially when dealing with clients.

Sunny had exhausted all over the counter treatments having spent vast amounts of money. Fed up of having to wear make up every day to cover her acne and make it look slightly better she decided it was time to see our doctor.

Consultation Overview

While acne is most commonly associated with teenagers, it can manifest itself at any age, and can be triggered by anything from hormones to stress. At the consultation, it was clear that Sunny would require a course of antibiotics – a common treatment for acne. This was combined with LED light therapy once a week for 6 weeks. As with all treatments within the clinic a homecare maintenance regime using a cleanser with salicylic and glycolic acid, an acne mask and a non-oily hydrating moisturiser were recommended – these products are known as cosmeceutical products as the active ingredients contained within them is high and are only available at licensed aesthetic clinics.

Treatment Overview

Antibiotics for acne is usually a three-month course. LED light therapy involves different coloured lights applied at varying wavelengths. For acne, we recommend a course of blue and red light. The blue light kills the bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) that live on your skin and cause acne. The red light heals and reduces inflammation and redness.

Once the acne is under control, the scarring and pigmentation can be tackled. Sunny had two sessions of Dermastamp™; an electronic, micro-skin needling procedure that stimulates skin so that it will regenerate and repair itself naturally. Micro needling is the preferred method to treat pitting ( indentations in the skin left by the aftermath of acne on some individuals).

This was followed by The Perfect Peel – a phenol-based chemical peel. A 15-minute treatment that reveals younger, healthier, and clearer skin in just seven days with optimum results being obtained after 4 weeks.

Customer Feedback

I’m so glad I found the LasaDerm clinic. I had been struggling with acne for the last 2 years – the staff and doctor are so nice and professional and put you at ease. I honestly didn’t think I could get my skin to look anywhere as flawless as it does. I can’t thank them enough and am looking forward to getting married without feeling conscious about my face.

Sunny28th August 2018

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