Xanthelasma Removal in Milton Keynes

Our xanthelasma removal in Milton Keynes involves surgically removing lesions around the eyes that often cause an individual to feel self-conscious.

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Our Highly Effective Surgical Xanthelasma Treatment

Xanthelasma is the medical term for white spots and/or yellow lumps that form around the eyes. As they are caused by fatty deposits, they typically occur when an individual is experiencing high cholesterol, heart disease or liver problems. While xanthelasma is harmless, it can become a cosmetic nuisance, which leads to many choosing to have them removed. 

Our surgical xanthelasma treatment in Milton Keynes allows these spots and lumps to be permanently removed, helping to restore confidence. The procedure is performed by our highly experienced surgeon who specialises in eye-related treatments. 


The Xanthelasma Surgery Process

Excision of xanthelasma is one of the most effective methods of swift removal. The process of our xanthelasma surgery in Milton Keynes involves the following steps:

  • The Consultation

    Every procedure at LasaDerm begins with a consultation to discuss your circumstances and medical history. The xanthelasma will be assessed to ensure that surgical removal is the best-suited route. 

  • The Surgery

    The treatment area is first numbed using local anaesthesia injections; then, the xanthelasma is carefully excised. The wound is closed using just a couple of small stitches to reduce scarring. 

  • The Follow-Up

    A week after your xanthelasma treatment in Milton Keynes, you will be asked to return to our clinic to assess your results and remove your stitches. Further aftercare advice will also be given. 

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Could Not Recommend LasaDerm More

"I could not recommend LasaDerm more to anyone thinking about having their xanthelasma removed. They make you feel so at ease and explain everything in such detail. The recovery was quick, and my scarring is minimal. Overall, I’m really happy with my experience and, most importantly, my results."