Woman Smiling Looking Into The Distance


  • Condition: “Smoker’s” barcode lines across top lip
  • Treatment: PlexR®, Plasma Technology for Lip Lines
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Young Businessman On Laptop


  • Condition: Dark Circles and Hollows Under The Eyes
  • Treatment: Tear Trough with Dermal Fillers
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mum reading to daughters


  • Condition: Post-pregnancy abdomen pouch with some skin dimpling
  • Treatment: 3D Lipo - fat melting, fat freezing and skin tightening
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Happy Woman Pointing At Stomach


  • Condition: Post Baby Caesarean Pouch and Stretch Marks
  • Treatment: 3D Lipo – Cavitation and Radio Frequency
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Mother and Daughter In The Park


  • Condition: Mole on the lip
  • Treatment: Removal of the mole by surgical excision
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