Success Story: Skin Tag Removal With A Hyfrecator

Skin Tag Removal With A Hyfrecator

Our Client’s Story

While not painful or uncomfortable, many of our clients wish to remove moles for aesthetic reasons, especially on visible areas such as the face or hands/arms. This was the case for our client, who had a large, brown skin tag on the neck, which she was unsure whether to be concerned about. After speaking with our specialist doctors, it was confirmed that the brown skin tag was not dangerous, and there was no reason for concern.

Client Consultation & Treatment Information

During the consultation, the client was informed how the procedure would be completed, any side effects and how to care for the treated area after the procedure.

The treatment began by applying a local anaesthetic to the area to prevent pain or discomfort. A hyfrecator was then used to remove the skin tag right at the base for the most effective results. Following on from the treatment, the client could expect a small scab to form, which will need to be left to fall naturally within 2-6 days. What’s great about this treatment is that it takes minimal time to remove the skin tag, taking only around 5-6 minutes!

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Customer Testimonial

“I was a little bit nervous about having the mole removed in case it left a big scar or would hurt, so was putting it off for ages. However, I eventually decided that enough was enough, and I just needed to go for it. I felt really confident after speaking with my consultant and was ready to have the treatment as soon as possible. The process was very straightforward and so quick, I can not get over how amazing it looks.”

Tracy ReevesJuly 2021

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