Success Story: PlexR Lesion Removal (Graphic Footage)

PlexR Lesion Removal (Graphic Footage)

Our Client’s Story

WARNING: This success story includes graphic footage of a lesion removal.

Our client booked in with LasaDerm for the removal of a lesion on their face using PlexR. PlexR removal is also an effective treatment for Dermatofibromas or other benign melanocytic nevus.

There are many benefits to this method of removal, the first being that it is a non-invasive treatment, which means that there are no cuts or stitches. Nevertheless, it still allows the removal of lesions in otherwise difficult places on the face such as around the eyes, nose and lips. It is also a far more convenient treatment for the patient, as there is minimal downtime and less of a risk of scarring.

Treatment Information

To begin the treatment, the area was first cleaned before a small amount of local anaesthetic was given. This procedure takes only 5-10 minutes; however, it can take a maximum of 15-20 minutes if multiple lesions must be removed.

After the treatment was complete, the patient was free to continue with their day without any need for downtime. Our doctor explained that the treatment area would scab over, which they should not pick. This scab would fall off within 3/7 days then the skin may be a little lighter or slightly pink in colour. After a few weeks, the skin always goes back to its normal colour. We also recommended that the client applied suncream to the lighter skin to avoid pigmentations.

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