The Top Aesthetic Treatments Of 2021 Have Been Revealed!

As we enter 2022, the official WhatClinic statistics on the top aesthetic treatments of the last year have been revealed. It’s always interesting to see how the popularity amongst procedures differs year on year and the new trends that arise. Throughout 2021, we most definitely noticed an increase in the number of bookings for the treatments that made the rankings, so we thought we would take a look into what makes each a sought-after option!

What Were The Most Popular Aesthetic Treatments Of 2021?

Each year, WhatClinic, a platform to allow patients to search for reputable local clinics, conducts a study into which treatments their users enquired about the most. Their platform serves users across the globe, so their top aesthetic treatments really are those that are loved the most!

When we received the information, we were pleased to see that all were treatments that are readily available at our cosmetic clinic in Milton Keynes – not to mention how popular they are amongst our clients! So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at each:

1. Dermal Fillers

It’s no surprise that dermal fillers take the top spot in the most popular aesthetic treatments! Dermal fillers are super versatile, offering a quick, safe, and natural-looking method of enhancing a patient’s natural features. While the most popular use of dermal fillers is to plump and define the lips, they can also be used to perform a non-surgical nose job or reduce the appearance of dark, sunken tear troughs.

Our dermal fillers in Milton Keynes are one of the most requested treatments amongst our clients, and you can find many examples of how they have been used over on our success stories page!

2. Scar Removal

Nowadays, client’s have said goodbye to covering up scars with clothing or makeup and have instead opted for restoring the skin through rejuvenating treatments, making scar removal the second most popular procedure. At LasaDerm, we offer many different scar removal options, including:

  • LED Light Therapy: A red LED light is typically used to blend the pigmentation with the healthy tissue surrounding the scar.
  • Microneedling: As microneedling encourages the skin’s natural healing process, more collagen will be produced, helping to smooth out scars.
  • Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is designed to gently exfoliate, revealing the healthy layer of skin underneath to fade scars.
  • PRP: Through PRP injections, the connective tissue cells and epidermal cells are stimulated, which helps to minimise and even eliminate scars.
  • Viscoderm Hydrobooster: This treatment is ideal for boosting hydration while encouraging tissue restructuring to improve skin elasticity and smoothness.

We will determine the best-suited scar removal treatment for you during your initial consultation – feel free to enquire via our website!

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3. Mole Removal

This year, more than ever, we have seen a significant rise in the number of clients booking in for our mole removal in Milton Keynes, and it seems that this is the same for clinics across the globe!

Whether it may be on the face, neck, arms or any other area of the body, unwanted moles can become a nuisance. Not only can they impact confidence but also become uncomfortable should they rub against clothing, for example.

While surgical removal is still an option, we always try to pair our clients with non-surgical alternatives to speed up recovery. PlexR, Hyfrecators and lasers are just some of the methods we use that involve no cutting of the skin. Take a look at our mole removal case studies for some examples.

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4. Thread Lift

Much like mole removal, the number of clients ditching surgical facelifts for non-surgical options has most definitely grown over the past few years. The research by WhatClinic has shown that in 2021, the thread lift was the most popular facelift alternative and what an excellent choice!

Using dissolvable threads, the soft facial tissue can quickly be repositioned to offer a more lifted, youthful appearance, whether this may be on the cheeks, jaw or neck. During our thread facelift in Milton Keynes, one of our doctors will insert these treads under the skin using a very fine needle or cannula, allowing precise positioning. There will be an immediate difference in the overall look of the treatment area; however, it will take 3 months to see the full results, which will then last for up to 3 years.

Why Not Book A Consultation With LasaDerm?

With their incredible results time after time again, we can certainly see why these treatments have taken the top spots for the most popular of 2021. We are looking forward to seeing which procedures develop over the next year!

If you are interested in the treatments discussed or any others featured on our website, our team would always be more than happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your requirements. Please feel free to get in touch to get started!