7 Signs Of Ageing & How To Prevent Them

When you begin to notice small things on your face that start to show signs of ageing, it can cause you to lose your self-confidence and excessively apply anti-ageing creams and makeup in the hopes of repairing and hiding your blemishes. This is where booking in for treatments such as our botox in Milton Keynes can be beneficial, making you feel more confident in your appearance. However, everyone’s skin is unique, so while one treatment may work for someone else, it does not necessarily mean that it will work for you, so it is important to seek the advice of a professional before booking in for treatments. If you are concerned about ageing, then here is a helpful guide on the best treatments for minimising the appearance of ageing.

Tackling The First Signs Of Ageing Face

When we approach our 40’s and 50’s, small signs of ageing such as wrinkles around the eyes or smile lines become more and more obvious. While this is something that everyone will experience as they age, it can make you feel self-conscious, particularly if your skin ages more than what would be expected of someone your age.

As specialists in a selection of treatments such as nose filler in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, our team have devised methods and techniques that help to give you a natural boost without looking as though you have had work completed. With a dedication to helping our clients feel confident, we have created a list of the most common signs of ageing and how you can prevent them.

woman with brown hair

The Best Sun Spot Removal

Lifestyle and environmental factors such as working outdoors, can have a significant impact on how skin can look as you age. The more you are outside, and the less you protect your skin, the more likely you are to generate sunspots as you age; this is one of the reasons that you may find those that live in hot countries tend to look older at a younger age. What you may not know is that it is not just the sun that can cause sunspots, but in fact, hormone changes such as menopause can heighten and accelerate the appearance of sunspots.

Sunspots are flat spots of a brown colour that can look like a flat mole or freckle; this develops as UV radiation causes the skin cells called melanocytes to form a pigment. These spots can vary in size and colour, and while they are not harmful to your health, it is important to visit the doctors if a spot looks misshaped or discoloured as it could be a cancerous mole. The most common place for these spots to appear is on the face, shoulders and back of the hand.

Luckily, there are several treatments for sun spot removal in which can help to reduce the appearance of sunspots and prevent them from occurring. The best solution by far is to ensure that you protect your skin with sunscreen; this is the case for both the summer months and winter, as while the sun may not feel warm on the skin, it can still affect your cells. However, if you already have sun spots, then you can reduce their appearance by doing the following:

  • Chemical Peel – This treatment creates a controlled wound on the face that will ultimately peel off by applying an acid solution. While this may be slightly more intense than IPL, it has exceptional benefits.
  • Pigmentation Treatment – Also known as Intense Pulse Light (IPL), pigmentation treatments target sunspots by heating the melanin. This treatment can take as little as 30 minutes with minimal to no pain. You will first need a consultation to discuss the number of sessions required as it will vary for each client.
  • Lemon Juice – Lemon juice can be used to lighten both the hair and skin naturally and is often a key component in skin whitening creams. This, therefore, allows lemon juice to fade spots through the strong acidity. However, it is important to note that this can cause the skin to feel dry or irritate the eyes.
  • Vitamin C – There are many benefits to vitamin C, such as its ability to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, which will help to reduce the risk of sunspots.
  • Green Tea – According to The Sun, putting three tea bags into warm water and allowing it to cool can help to reduce the appearance of sunspots as well as help with sunburn to prevent future sunspots.

You can find more ways to reduce sunspots by taking a look at Healthline.

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Dry Skin

Being a teen is often associated with a spotty face and excess oil producing on the T-zone, but unfortunately, while it may be frustrating at the time, this excess oil stops producing to the same extent when we age, causing our skin to feel dry. In many cases, this can also cause our skin to produce dry spots, which is common around the eyelid area, inside our elbow crease and on our hands. Not only can this cause us to feel uncomfortable with our appearance, but it can also cause a lot of discomfort and sore patches.

Other than a well-balanced diet, there is not much that you can do in terms of preventing this ageing sign from forming. However, there are a few ways in which you are able to hydrate and nourish the skin. The most common and obvious solution is to moisturise, but it should be noted that it is important to make sure that you find a cream that matches your skin type without further irritating your skin. The best types of moisturisers are those containing omegas, coconut oil and dimethicone as they nourish the skin with little risk of rashes or red patches. Overnight creams are also ideal for those with dry skin, and we would suggest opting for a thicker cream for a rich overnight solution.

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Crow’s Feet

One of the most noticeable signs of ageing, and often one of the most disheartening, is crow’s feet. While it may not be something that you wish to appear on your face, it is extremely common, and simply comes from laughter and facial expressions over the years, forming fine lines around the eyes. Along with the constant movement of the face, fine lines and wrinkles also occur due to our collagen levels dropping when we reach our 30’s, which begins to cause our skin to deplete and lines to appear around the eyes and mouth.

Moisturising your face and keeping updated with your sun cream can have an impact, reducing the risk of fine lines appearing at a younger age. However, this is something that everyone will eventually experience as inevitable, so finding solutions to brighten the face and remove wrinkles is beneficial. Some examples of these treatments may include the following:

  • Fillers – Providing you with a more natural look, our fillers in Milton Keynes are perfect for enhancing your natural features while removing fine lines without creating a “plastic” look.
  • Face Tightening – Sagging skin can cause or enhance wrinkles on your face. In this instance, we would highly recommend having a face tightening treatment to tighten slack skin to reduce wrinkle appearance.
  • Liquid Face Lift – A full liquid face lift can give you a youthful look without making it too obvious that work has been completed. This will tighten the skin as well as remove the signs of ageing.

If you are interested in any of the treatments listed above, please feel free to contact our team for more information and to book yours in today.

Getting rid of crows feet

Losing Your Glow

Dull skin can have an impact on how bright and vibrant you look, often causing you to lose your youthful glow. This can cause people to apply makeup to cover up their dull-looking skin, which can cause further issues of dryness. Although our skin is constantly renewing and shedding, this process begins to slow down the older that we become, increasing from approximately 24 days to 30-42 days. For this reason, it is important to make sure that the older you become, the less you exfoliate your skin, as this can cause further problems. However, you can still exfoliate your skin using a light and creamy exfoliator such as the Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream.

There are some ways in which you can help to spring your skin back to life and encourage it to glow. These include the following:

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Sagging Skin

Sagging, particularly around the eyes, is another common sign of ageing, and is the result of reducing levels of collagen production. This, therefore, causes the skin to sag, which can cause further ageing signs such as wrinkles to occur. For this reason, if it is something that you are concerned about or you feel as though it is affecting your confidence, then you may wish to speak to our team about our solutions. There are various treatments that can help to reduce the appearance of sagging, such as our facelifts. However, depending on the severity and how your skin reacts, you may require another treatment.

Another way to keep your skin looking tight and fresh is by purchasing a selection of tightening and skin firming creams. Products such as those found on the Good Housekeeping blog post are perfect for those that want to prevent skin sagging. Some more ways to protect your skin from sagging include:

  • Quit smoking
  • Balanced diet
  • Minimising alcohol intake
  • Protect your skin from the sun
  • Maintaining a healthy weight

However, while these creams are beneficial to those that have not yet experienced sagging, it will not provide you with extreme results. For example, if the area around your chin and mouth is beginning to sag, then a facelift or other non-surgical treatments will work best.

Woman With Tight Skin

Thinning Lips

If you have noticed that your voluptuous lips are starting to shrink, then this could be a sign of ageing. The main reason for thinning of the lips is because our body is unable to produce as much collagen, causing our lips to reduce in size and can also make them lose their shape. Unfortunately, there is no proven way to prevent this from happening, but there are two main ways in which you are able to restore the volume and shape of your lips.

These two main ways are lip fillers or semi-permanent makeup, both of which can be combined for a fuller and more colourful look. Lip fillers can be strategically injected into your top and bottom lips to add volume and redefine the shape of your lips. When booking in with the LasaDerm team, you will be able to discuss what shape and volume you wish to achieve with our specialists in lip enhancement in Milton Keynes. This will allow you to get the look you wish for while having a professional opinion on whether it will look natural for your face shape. If this is something that you are thinking about and would like to discuss it further, then please feel free to book in a consultation with our team or take a look at our previous article.

Another treatment that you may want to consider is semi-permanent makeup. While this does not increase the volume of your lips, you are able to shape and define the lips with a professional team. You can choose from various shapes, whether that be natural or a vibrant red, reducing the need to apply as much makeup while transforming thin lips into a perfectly shaped feature.

lip injections

Hair Thinning

Whether you are a male or female, losing your hair can make you feel self-conscious about every angle. Whether you have a bald patch or find that your hair is beginning to thin, it could be as a result of ageing. The reason your hair will start to thin as you age is because your body is unable to produce as many nutrients such as iron, meaning that you will need to provide your body with nutrients in other ways. Some ways to prevent thinning include the following:

  • Eat lots of protein
  • Make sure you are getting the right vitamins
  • Keep up with your iron levels
  • Look after your scalp
  • Always condition your hair

While it can be disheartening to loose hair, there is one solution that can help to give the appearance of thicker hair. LasaDerm provides clients with a hair loss treatment in Buckingham or the surrounding areas to help tissue regenerate and heal to remote hair growth. You can find out more about this treatment by contacting our team for a consultation.

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Anti-Ageing Solutions To Rejuvenate The Skin

There are a host of treatments and solutions that can help you to rejuvenate your skin to make it appear bright and radiant. This will not only make your skin look younger, but can also help to boost your appearance. Whether you decide to enhance your features or reduce the signs of ageing with fillers, there are many ways to minimise fine lines and sagging. Take a look at our previous article to combine your new-found knowledge on the signs of ageing with the best anti-ageing solutions! You can also book in for a range of enhancing and rejuvenating solutions such as our professional facials or dermal fillers in Milton Keynes.