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Our Popular Treatments


Reduce wrinkles and fine lines with our affordable botox Leighton Buzzard, smoothing to contour and lifts signs of ageing.

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Similar to Botox®, fillers Leighton Buzzard are perfect for those deeper wrinkles and lines, smoothing out imperfections.

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Laser Hair Removal

Create a waxing and shave free zone with laser hair removal Leighton Buzzard, get rid of unwanted body or facial hair.

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Moles & Cysts Removal

Moles and cysts can be obtrusive and annoying; we use professional equipment for our moles & cysts removal Leighton Buzzard.

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LasaDerm’s rosacea Leighton Buzzard treatment can eliminate permanent blushing and redness to help boost self-esteem.

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Hair Loss Treatment

Our cutting-edge hair loss treatment Leighton Buzzard is suitable for both men and women to restore healthy hair growth.

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Face Thread Veins

We are proud to have an ongoing success rate of 90% for our professional face thread vein Leighton Buzzard treatments.

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3d Liposuction

If you have any excess skin or fat, our 3D liposuction Leighton Buzzard doesn’t involve surgery and works to tighten the skin.

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Lip Fillers

Lip fillers Leighton Buzzard enhances the volume and size of your natural lip, carried out by our experienced doctors.

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Nose Job

Have a non-surgical nose job Leighton Buzzard to alter your nose, filling any gaps to even it out without surgery.

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Liquid Face Lift

A liquid face lift Leighton Buzzard is excellent for those who want to smooth out their facial imperfections or improve plumpness.

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Why Choose LasaDerm?

LasaDerm has a team of highly qualified doctors and doctors who can provide you with a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments. Our experience and knowledge enable us to ensure you will receive only the best treatments at an affordable price. We encourage clients to take us up on our free consultation so we can discuss all your options before going ahead with specific procedures.

  • Tailored treatment plans
  • Experienced doctors
  • Relaxing location
  • Well trained doctors
  • Treatments to suit everyone
  • Dedicated LasaDerm team

Customer Testimonial

"I started to notice a couple of months ago with ageing my eyelids have become saggy and drooped over my eye. It has reduced my peripheral visions and made me self-conscious as I can no longer wear eye make up. After my procedure, the staff and doctors were excellent making me feel so comfortable. I would like to say a massive thank-you to LasaDerm for giving me back the confidence I needed. "

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