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Having noticed a small cyst developing above his ear, our client, Richard, consulted with his GP to understand the cause of this growth. His doctor informed him that it was nothing to worry about, but it could be removed privately if he wished. Having quashed his concern, Richard resumed regular life. But after a couple more years of growth, he decided it was time to take the first steps towards the cyst’s removal. After a quick online search, Richard found our cosmetic clinic in Milton Keynes. LasaDerm’s friendly and knowledgeable reception to Richard’s enquiry gave him the confidence to book a consultation.

Richard's cyst

Treatment Information

Dr Nnadi explained the procedure to Richard in his initial consultation, and a date was booked. Cyst removals are usually straightforward excisions completed in one session with a short recovery. However, Richard’s case was far more complex than it first appeared.

On the day of his procedure, Richard was seen by Dr Nnadi again. He expressed caution in treating the lesion initially due to concerns he had about the nature of the lesion and felt it would be more appropriate for Dr Almeida to assess further with a view to biopsy at the time of Surgery.

Understandably frustrated by the delay, Richard reluctantly agreed to reschedule the treatment. Two weeks later, he met with Dr Almeida, who removed the cyst without issues. Using all of his experience and expertise, Dr Almeida recommended a biopsy so Richard could understand the cause of this cyst – advice that proved invaluable.

Whilst Richard awaited his biopsy results, Dr Almeida would regularly rally the laboratory to deliver the findings as a matter of urgency. At its conclusion, the analysis revealed the cyst was, in fact, the genesis of melanoma.

This diagnosis allowed Richard to receive the treatment he needed to remove multiple cancerous lymph nodes surrounding the area previously occupied by the cyst. Without the swift and determined care of the LasaDerm team, this thought-to-be harmless cyst could have had a far greater impact on Richard’s health.

If you’re looking for a skin clinic in Milton Keynes where your health is our only priority, get in touch with us at LasaDerm and set up your consultation today!

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" It might cost you a few quid for an assessment; it might be a bit of a nuisance, but it could be a game changer! This clinic really looks after you, really does care, and isn’t afraid to double-check itself. Believe me, that level of integrity is rare. If I call up or call in now, even a couple of years or more later, it’s like popping in to see old friends."